Hochul Voters Deserve the Crime-Ridden State They Voted For


New Yorker Kathy Hochul won her bid for governor for a full term. Although he did well compared to other Republican candidates, it was not enough.

Hochul was elected, and New Yorkers begged her to stop crime from even those who voted.

One voter told The New York Post Hochul won, and that her priority was to reduce crime in the subway.

Hochul won her election and the voter was pleased for her. But she should not think that her win will make her feel secure.

Then. Why. Did. You. Vote. For. Her?

Hochul used crime as a conspiracy theory throughout her campaign that Zeldin, Republicans, and others exploited in order to incite fear. For some reason, Hochul was granted four more years.

A Hochul voter claimed Zeldin’s support for Trump was why she couldn’t vote Hochul over Hochul despite her concerns about crime.

She stated, “I couldn’t vote for Lee Zeldin due to his support for Trump. She said, “It’s not a new subway crime, but violent crimes is occurring a lot more. Hochul should be a priority in New York City crime, and I think she is aware of it.

Hochul won’t do anything to reduce crime, but we already knew that.