Hollywood Celebrities Capitalize On Texas School Shooting


Hollywood stars wasted no time in capitalizing on the school shooting at Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday. They urged voters and legislators to support more gun control, while also blaming Republicans and other supporters for Second Amendment rights.

Alyssa Milano and Rob Reiner, Elizabeth Banks, Bette Miler, Piper Perabo and Stephen King used the incident to promote familiar Democratic themes.

Milano tweeted, “Fuck the GOP’s obsession with guns.”

King wrote, “When you enter the voting booth this autumn, VOTE GUN OVERL,”

“Lawmakers must take sensible steps to limit gun ownership. Action. Laws,” Perabo urged.

According to Breitbart News, the shooter killed 18 students, one teacher, and two other adults at Robb Elementary School, Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday. The shooter was identified by authorities as Salvador Ramos (18-year-old male) who lived in Uvalde. Responding officers are believed to have killed Ramos, they said.

Governor Gregg Abbott (R) stated that Texasans are grieving for victims of this senseless crime as well as for the Uvalde community. Gregg Abbott (R), issued a statement. “Cecilia, my wife and I are deeply saddened by this terrible loss. We urge all Texans together to support all those in need.”

Instead, Hollywood stars took advantage of the situation to score political points.

Actress Alyssa Minoto and actor Rob Reiner blamed the shooting for their failure to act.

Julliane Moore, actress, shared a post by Shannon Watts (gun control activist).

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, a star of Seinfeld and Veep, also supported gun control efforts by the Left-wing group Everytown.

Rosanna Arquette, Pulp Fiction’s star, pointed the finger at “Retrumplikkans”. She also demanded greater gun control.

Elizabeth Banks, star of Hunger Games, urged voters to vote for more gun control. She tweeted, “DO SOMETHING.”

Stephen King, author, urged voters to vote for gun control in the fall midterm elections.

Piper Perabo, Yellowstone star of Paramount Network, pleaded for more gun restrictions.

Rosie O’Donnell, an actress and former talk-show host, said she kept her reactions short and not rage-filled.

FX’s The Last Man’s Amber Tamblyn tweeted: “How can this nation continue to stand behind the gun laws? How?”

Josh Malina, NBC’s West Wing actor, also demanded action.

Others stars vented their emotions. Chris Evans, Disney’s Captain America star tweeted: “FUCKING ENOUGH!” !”

Bette Midler, star of Disney’s Hocus Pocus 2, bizarrely connected gun rights to abortion.