House Democrat Takes Aim at AOC’s ‘Squad’ Over Hamas Response


Democrats, including Joe Biden, and members of the senior administration of the Obama Administration have not been able to claim glory for their reactions to Hamas’ terrorist attacks on Israel. The most outrageous and grotesque responses come from AOC and her Squad members.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), who also has the distinction of being the unofficial leader of the House’s Hamas Caucus, was still displaying the Palestinian flag outside of her Congressional office Monday even after reports that 11 Americans were among those murdered by Hamas in surprise attacks over the weekend.

The news of Tlaib’s bizarre display came just a day after she made a belated statement in which she suggested that peace could only be achieved after “lifting the Blockade, ending the occupation and dismantling apartheid that creates the dehumanizing, suffocating conditions that can lead resistance.”

Ritchie Torres, a Democrat House Member from New York has had it with Tlaib and her victim-blaming comments.

In an interview with Jewish Insider Torres, who had once called himself “the embodiment” of a pro-Israel progressive”, described Tlaib and Bush’s remarks as “reprehensible” and “repulsive”, saying that “aid to Israel should and is unconditional”.

Torres said in a press release that “U.S. assistance to Israel should and is unconditional” and “never more so in this time of critical need.” It’s reprehensible and repulsive. ”

Torres said that Congress must act quickly to give Israel the resources it needs to protect itself against unprecedented terrorist attacks.

Two other House Democrats, Rep. Josh Gottehimer of New Jersey and Rep. Haley Stevens of Michigan, also spoke to the media outlet to “distance themselves” from the Squad.

“Two of my colleagues have called on the United States to stop funding Israel, despite the images of Israeli children and women as well as elderly people, including Americans who were murdered by Hamas terrorists backed by Iran.” Gottheimer, JI, said, “It is sickening to me that Congress would strip U.S. aid to our democratically-aligned ally, and let innocent civilians suffer.”

Stevens stated that “we must continue to come as a Congress, and a nation, to disavow terror and support the Jewish State, our democratically allied, Israel.” “Israel has the right to exist and to defend itself.”

Torres is the most vocal House Democrat who has openly criticized the Squad and others on the left, for their pro-Hamas statements and actions. He wrote this earlier Monday post on Twitter:

  • What to do when commenting on Hamas’ terrorist attack against Israel?
  • If your first draft mentions neither the victim nor the perpetrator, rewrite it.
  • If your first draft blames the victim, rewrite it.
  • If your first draft emphasizes “both sides” or empathizes with the perpetrator, rewrite it.
  • If your first draft refers to militants rather than terrorists, rewrite it.

When reports of Hamas’s attack on Israel and the murders, rapes, and hostage-taking began to filter in, Torres published this, which was posted well before Joe Biden made his bumbling remarks:

Hamas declared war on Israel. It launched surprise attacks, invaded Israeli towns, fired well over 2000 rockets, and killed 22 Israelis. As Americans, we would defend ourselves if we were suddenly attacked. Unambiguously, I stand with Israel in its rightful defense against Hamas. This terrorist group has sought to destroy the Jewish State for years.

I doubt that I will ever agree with him on anything, but it is nice to see a rare instance of sanity from the Democrat party on this issue. This is much more than what can be said about the so-called “leaders” of the Democrat Party in the House, who have a history of making pathetic excuses and unacceptable justifications for the blatant antisemitism displayed by their Democrat Socialist wing.