House Judiciary Committee To Investigate Dobbs Leak


Fox News was told by an anonymous source that the House Judiciary Committee will continue to investigate the Supreme Court draft opinions leak surrounding Dobbs.

Thursday’s announcement by the Supreme Court was that the investigation into Dobbs’ leak failed to identify the responsible party. An anonymous source said to Fox that the House Judiciary Committee will continue its investigation into Dobbs’ leak.

Fox reports that Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, Ohio’s chairman of the House Judiciary Committee has indicated previously that the committee would investigate the leak.

The Supreme Court had, earlier in the week reported that it had narrowed down its suspect list to a “smaller” list which included at least one law-recording clerk. The Supreme Court released 23-page documents detailing the almost 9-month-long investigation by Gail Curley (Marshal of the Supreme Court), that failed to identify the person who leaked the draft opinion.

Chief Justice John Roberts, Chief Justice, announced that an investigation would be launched on May 3, 2022. He called the leak “betrayal”

Roberts stated that “to the extent that this betrayal by the Court was intended for the destruction of the integrity of our operations,” he wrote. “The court’s work will not be affected in anyway.”

The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to Jordan and the House Judiciary Committee for no comment.