House Republicans Balancing the Budget is Whimsical


House Republicans openly expressed their desire to use their fight for the debt limit to make drastic cuts to our trillion-dollar deficit budget. When they achieve this goal, they’ll share their methods.

It doesn’t matter if your opinion is that a debt limit increase should be exchanged for spending cuts. Republicans are not able to create a zero-deficit universe.

No reductions in defense spending.

Washington Post:

So far, the party has focused its attention on slimming down federal health care, education, science, and labor programs, perhaps by billions of dollars. But some Republicans also have pitched a deeper examination of entitlements, which account for much of the government’s annual spending — and reflect some of the greatest looming fiscal challenges facing the United States.

In recent days, a group of GOP lawmakers has called for the creation of special panels that might recommend changes to Social Security and Medicare, which face genuine solvency issues that could result in benefit cuts within the next decade. Others in the party have resurfaced more detailed plans to cut costs, including raising the Social Security retirement age to 70, targeting younger Americans who have yet to obtain federal benefits.

Rep. Kevin Hern, Republican Study Committee leader (R-Okla.), stated to the Post that they have no other choice than to make difficult decisions. “Everybody should look at all things. ”

Democrats won’t cut any federal programs, except defense. It will be difficult to get rid of them.

The Democratic-led Senate will likely oppose any attempt to rethink entitlements. It is unlikely that it will gain any support from the Republicans in Congress. Trump, the ex-president, warned his party against any reductions to Medicare and Social Security.

Democrats were harsh in their criticisms of McCarthy’s new House GOP majority and suggested that millions of Americans might see their benefits cut by them. President Biden has made it clear that he will not negotiate with Republicans.

Biden insists he won’t negotiate with the GOP spending cuts in exchange for the debt limit being raised. It is arrogant and foolish for you to dismiss their representatives because you believe you have the best wisdom.

Biden is expected to be present.