How Could John Fetterman Have Won?


It is hard to believe that John Fetterman, a stroke survivor who rarely manages to finish sentences, won the Pennsylvania Senate race. Fetterman, like Joe Biden, is so clearly unfit for his new job that no rational person could think otherwise. It is baffling to think that any Pennsylvania voter could’ve seen Fetterman’s incoherent ramblings during his debate with Dr. Mehmet O and thought, “That’s it!” But Fetterman will be in the Senate in January if anyone can lead him there. And all the explanations for why this absurd charade is about to occur are bad in many different ways.

There is a possibility that Fetterman’s win is due to ballot box chicanery. Mia Cathell, reporting from Townhall, said Wednesday that Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe claimed that journalists of Project Veritas Action (PVA), were given instructions on how to vote. The video was taken at a Philadelphia polling site. Two of these interactions were recorded on camera.” The person who instructed voters how to vote was of course a Democrat Party operative. O’Keefe explained that this is called electioneering. It’s also illegal.

Although this is quite striking, it doesn’t necessarily indicate large-scale ballot box manipulation. The Fetterman camp filed suit to have ballots counted, even though they had been marked with an incorrect date. This was a clear indication that they believed they would need to cheat to win. They didn’t need the tainted votes to win, as it turned out. What is the explanation for the victory of a candidate for the United States Senate who is, without doubt, the least competent and most capable person ever to run?

One possibility is the weakness of his opponent. Trump-endorsed candidates generally do well across the country. Dr. Oz was not one of them. He made a lot of noise about his connections to Trump during the primary. However, Oz changed his website and Twitter page to eliminate any mention of Trump. This gave the impression that Oz was not only using Trump to recruit America-First voters to his camp but also that his dedication wasn’t genuine. Oz’s continued status as a Turkish citizen in a time of increasing authoritarianism and hostilities towards the United States also raised suspicion. He tried to discredit the MAGA base, which would have elected Oz. After that, he was left with only Pennsylvania Romneyites, RINOs, and a few others, which proved insufficient to win him over.

Another obvious explanation is that Pennsylvania voters wanted John Fetterman to be in the Senate. They knew that he was unable to perform the duties of his office and didn’t care. Fetterman’s victory shows that Old Joe Biden’s apparent incapacity was not an anomaly. The Fetterman win is a sign that Leftist elites are just trying to lick it in now. It shows that they have filled enough people with their propaganda so that they can elect anyone they want and continue the governance of an obscure, behind-the-scenes oligarchy. Like Biden, Fetterman will serve as a puppet for those who pull the strings. That seems to be fine with Pennsylvanians. The people elected Fetterman knowing that he was a puppet. But he will be a puppet for what they want: the destruction of the American economy and open borders. Fetterman might be incapable, but he is still a vote for the Left’s agenda. That’s all that matters.

Democratic rule has great strength that it allows you to get what the people want. The greatest weakness of Democratic rule, however, is the inability to get what the people want. Pennsylvania elected an incoherent, unintelligent idiot who will only obey his sinister, malevolent masters. They will get everything they want.