How Democrats Can Replace Biden – With Newsom or Anyone They Want?


Biden had to prove that he was not too old, or senile, to be the Democrat nominee again.

His performance was a failure, and Democrats want to replace him. Gavin Newsom, who is in Atlanta as a Biden substitute, is also a very attractive candidate for Democrats. He is known for his constant trolling of Republican officials such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Gavin Newsom was never the Democratic nominee for 2024 when I predicted it. There were several reasons why this prediction was denied. It was denied for several reasons, including that Democrats couldn’t just push a cis-white man to the side of a black woman.

Have you noticed a pattern?

In an opinion piece by the Sacramento Bee published just one hour after this debate, the author claims that some Democrats are not bothered about the fact that Newsom is white and cisgender. (Emphasis added)

Newsom could save the day by stepping in to play a handsome Hollywood actor in a Sorkinesque drama. His enthusiasm could rally delegates. The country would feel normal again, even if the people are rich, white, and cis.

The Republican Party is clear in its intention to ride the orange horse to Washington. He is still as much of a threat to democracy today as he used to be 8 years ago. Democrats need to show new levels of vigor, intelligence, and vitality to save America from another Trump Administration.

What is the logistical process? Could it be? Would it? I will explain in this radio interview:

The DNC can replace the nominee for President or Vice-President after the convention if the candidate dies, resigns or becomes disabled. Article IX section G of the Call allows this.

Filling a Vacancy on the National Ticket. If a candidate for President or Vice President of the Party dies, resigns, or becomes disabled, the National Chairman will consult with the Democratic leadership in the United States Congress and the Democratic Governors Association. He or she will then report to the Democratic National Committee, which has the power to fill the vacancy.

The document does not specify how or by whom the disability is to be determined. The document does not specify how or by whom the disability must be determined.

The Daily Mail reported last week that a secret plan to replace Biden by someone other than Kamala was in the works. Both Democrats and Harris would find themselves in a tough situation.

According to strategists, Democrats will host a public event to symbolically transfer power to the nominee. Biden will endorse the nominee and Schumer, Pelosi, and Obama Clinton will introduce him.

It is difficult to convince Harris who is so protective about her political future to support a replacement.

A Biden replacement could be a threat to the nominee. If a candidate took up Trump’s banner and lost in November, their political career would be destroyed.

All Democrats may face difficult decisions.

She would use her mob boss roots to convince Harris. Pelosi, the Queen of San Francisco‚Äôs power structure that developed Kamala, is the queen. She won’t hesitate to use the information to help Gavin Newsom win the White House.