Huge Crowd Attends Trump Rally In Arizona


    An enormous crowd recently attended the rally of former President Donald Trump in Florence, Arizona. Trump gestured toward the audience and said, “Look at these people, as far the eye can see…Look at the way back.”

    This crowd is unlike any other. They don’t want the cameras to be turned, and they won’t turn them. They won’t turn the cameras, and they actually move the cameras in a bad place for us. They should have been placed back. They also have magnifying glasses. They have magnifying lenses that could have handled it. Press, take a look around, they have some amazing numbers. Some government officials said it was the largest crowd they have ever seen. They’re not just referring to Arizona.

    “You can see a hundred feet behind the cameras and there’s a sea people. He said that the media is actually blocking people out and that it’s a shame.

    Ed Henry, a news anchor, shared photos from the rally and stated that there was congestion as more people tried to get into the event.