“No more impeachment” Leaked file’s from Ukraine reveals Biden,Obama officials got 17.5million dollars through racketeering


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Enough is enough!!!

With each day passing, we’re learning more and more about what corrupt scumbags Joe and Hunter Biden were regarding Ukraine, and now they’re in a ton of trouble because the ‘deep state’ in that country is starting to leak material about them the way the US deep state leaks against President Trump.


Both Joe and Hunter Biden allegedly bilked the Ukrainian government and its people out of $17.5 million, according to new documents Ukrainian officials and presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani have begun to reveal.

As documented (again) by One America News:

Latest: Files Released From Ukraine Reveals Biden, Obama Officials Allegedly Got 17.5 MILLION Dollars Through Racketeering

2020 presidential hopefull Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion from the Ukrainian government if they didn’t fire a prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, who was investigating corruption tied to Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian gas company that was paying Hunter Biden $50,000 or $80,000 per month with some sources saying as high as $167,000 a month.

The corrupt legacy of Barrack Obama can never be undermined as it seems there is totally no limit to the things done.

All the Dem. Propaganda warriors are expecting impeachment but the old admin has all the dead bodies they can dig up. She (Nancy Pelosi) can’t win here if she holds the vote to open an official impeachment hearing. Biden is really screwed up.

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  1. Good lord how have these corrupt politicians and a corrupt President like Obama managed to screw the American people so bad
    I pray that one thing doesnt get set back 100 years and thats pitting blacks and whites against each other they have tryed hard enough to race bait America and we have enemies on both sides that claim everything is racist.They have created and paid terrorist groups like Antifa to attack then blame it on o e race or the other. We have them supporting and lieing to support hate crimes that didnt happen.Obama would have been beheaded for the crimes hes committed if he had done them to his muslim countries.We have a congress women who cant spell cat we have another one whos crimes are endless even under suspicion of putting a hit on her lovers wife one who gets dragged out of rallies and uses fowl language and threats against the Oresident now its pretty clear why the Squad exsist they were a distraction for America so no one would notice how they were all betraying this country they play America for fools. In the name of all thats holy please please vote for Trump in 2020

  2. Time to go after the real crooks: Clinton, Obama, Biden, Schiff, Pelosi, Kerry, Romney, and all the others who used their status, aid, access to get family & friends hired into high-paying positions in foreign & domestic companies, award contracts that benefit friends & family members, and all the rest of the FRAUD & ABUSE that we’ve seen kill countries around the world.

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