Hunter Biden Concedes in Contempt Clash with Republicans


Hunter Biden is a surrendered or folded. Or whatever descriptor you prefer. The president’s child, who initially ignored a legal subpoena and then showed up to a contempt proceeding in January to throw a tantrum in order not to comply with the subpoena issued in December, is now asking House Republicans for a reissued subpoena.

Hunter Biden had refused to take a deposition in a closed room, as is standard for congressional investigations. He instead showed up to the Capitol Building and gave a disastrous presser where he declared he would only be speaking at a hearing in public. Stephen Neukam, of The Messenger, says that there has been a shift in attitude.

Was there a point to all of this? On Friday we pondered this question and have a partial answer. There was no purpose to all of this. Hunter Biden was just an idiot who thought that he could intimidate Congress because his father was president.

No matter how serious his crimes were, he has been protected by the government his entire life. He must have thought, why not be the lucky son again? Hunter Biden’s legal team must have realized at some point that they couldn’t win by ignoring the Subpoena.

Some people ask why a new subpoena is needed. Although I don’t know the specifics, if the original dates have passed, then it is necessary to issue a new one.

It looks like Republicans have won this round. It’s a shame they didn’t do it sooner. I think they should have held Hunter Biden accountable immediately instead of playing a game of cat-and-mouse for ten days. It’s like asking a slug to hurry up by telling them to be decisive.