Hunter Biden Faces Legal Action to Make Him Face the Music


We previously reported that Hunter Biden’s lawyers were pushing for more aggressive tactics against the Delaware attorney General and calling for the DOJ action. After Joe Biden, others on the left argued for over two years that it was Russian disinformation.

Hunter’s lawyers made this announcement and clarified that they weren’t admitting that the laptop that he left at his computer shop was his. They also sent letters to Tucker Carlson, Marco Polo (a group that allows you to access the laptop material), and Tucker Carlson.

They may have also reacted to another issue. Brian Della Rocca, John Paul Mac Isaac’s lawyer. Mac Isaac served Hunter Biden last week with a defamation lawsuit.

Mac Isaac hired a private detective to find Hunter in Culver City, California last Friday. The Post has received the lawsuit from the 80-year-old son of the president seeking damages in excess of $75,000

Brian Della Rocca, Mac Isaac’s lawyer, said to Tucker Carlson (Fox News host) that it was difficult to find Hunter Biden.

He had only been in DC for a couple of weeks and was always moving around. She was referring specifically to the Wednesday letters Hunter Biden’s lawyer had sent asking for a criminal investigation into Mac Isaac, and other people involved in the distribution of the laptop’s contents.

They claim that Hunter Biden’s lawyer requested a criminal investigation into Mac Isaac to repay him. Tucker Carlson was also impressed by the statement that Della Rocca made to Tucker Carlson.

Della Rocca asserts that Mac Isaac is the legal owner of the laptop after Hunter Biden took it to be repaired in April 2019. Despite Mac Isaac trying to contact him, Della Rocca didn’t claim the laptop.

Mac Isaac brought the original lawsuit against Adam Schiff and CNN in May 2013.

Hunter Biden was also included in the suit in October. After it incorrectly called the laptop “stolen “.

Hunter might be thinking about a legal defense fund to assist him in the ongoing federal investigations into some of his actions.

It looks like Hunter might actually have to face the music.