Hunter Biden Reveals There Are 5 Guns In Dad’s House While Berating Sister-In-Law Via Text


According to the Washington Examiner, texts found on Hunter Biden’s laptop showed that he lambasted Hallie Biden for disposing of his gun. He also mentioned her son’s firearms and guns kept at his father’s house.

According to the Washington Examiner Hunter was “triggered” by finding out that Hallie had allegedly “thrown her gun in the trash near Delaware’s high school in October 2018.

Hallie was outraged when he texted him afterward, informing her that he would be investigated for the disposal of his gun. Hunter wrote, “That’s now in control of the FBI.”

Hunter wrote on October 23, 2018: “Beau had a handgun that was issued by the state, and it was in his front glove box.” You f***ing have Hallie. ….There’s 5 guns in Dad’s house. Your son’s room has more weapons than an armory.

Breitbart News reported on March 25, 2021 that Hunter Biden (the son of President Joe Biden) may have lied to ATF Form 4473 regarding a gun purchase.

Drug-related questions are relevant to Hunter Biden’s alleged gun purchase in 2018. It asks:

Are you an illegal user or addict of marijuana, any depressant stimulant, narcotic, drug or other controlled substance? Warning: Use and possession of marijuana are still illegal under Federal law, regardless of whether they have been legalized in your state for recreational or medicinal purposes.

A potential gun buyer must answer “yes” or not. ATF Form 4473 says, “The information that you provide will be used in order to determine whether you are barred by Federal or State law from obtaining a firearm.” Gun Control Act violations, 18 U.S.C. 921 et. 921 et.