Hunter Biden Sues Rudy Giuliani, Alleges Laptop Hacking and Manipulation


Hunter Biden has sued former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani and his companies. His team has already filed a lawsuit against John Mac Isaac, owner of the repair store, alleging Mac Isaac violated his privacy.

The new lawsuit claims that Giuliani and his companies hacked the laptop that Hunter had left at the computer repair in Delaware, “tampered” with it, and “altered” data on it.

“Defendants have been the primary responsible for what was described as a ‘total destruction’ of Plaintiffs’ digital privacy.” The lawsuit also claims that they are primarily responsible for the ‘total destruction’ of the Plaintiff’s information. The lawsuit claims that defendants have spent a lot of time and effort in the past months or even years looking for, hacking, manipulating, and copying data from Plaintiffs’ devices or storage platforms. This includes what they claim to have gotten from the Plaintiffs’ alleged “laptop” computer.

The lawsuit concedes that “At least some of the data that Defendants obtained, copied, and proceeded to hack into and tamper with belongs to Plaintiff,” however, it insists that “data was manipulated, altered, and damaged before it was copied and sent to Defendants; and Defendants’ illegal hacking and tampering has involved further alterations and damage to the data to a degree that is presently unknown to Plaintiff.”

The lawsuit alleges that Giuliani and his associates violated the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (18 U.S.C. § 1030), California’s Computer Data Access and Fraud Act (Cal. Penal Code § 502), and California’s Unfair Competition Law (Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code §§ 3 17200 et seq.).

Hunter Biden will not be able to win this case. The contents of the laptop have been verified by various media outlets (only after 2020’s election) and forensic analysis has shown that there are no signs of tampering.

“Brian Della Rocca provided CBS News with what he described as an ‘exact’ copy of the laptop data that was provided to federal investigators almost three years ago. Della Rocca claimed that he considered it “clean” because it predated versions widely circulated by Republican agents to attack the then-candidate prior to the 2020 presidential elections,” Catherine Herridge reported in November. The independent analysis by two cyber-investigators from Minneapolis’ Computer Forensics Services found no evidence of the data being altered, fabricated, or tampered with. It also did not find any files that originated after April 2019 when records from the store indicated Biden had dropped it off to be repaired.

Hunter’s attorneys may think that going on offense is the best course of action, but in this case, they have no real claim to make.