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The overly polluted far-left Fake News outlets are carrying The Big fake news today about Schiff recieving a smoking gun from William Taylor,a top Ukrainian Diplomat but thats not all to it…….


Adam Schiff

President Trump is Toast,dead,over,done,corrupt and blah blah is what we keep getting from the overly polluted far-left media on the hoax Russian Collusion,but all fake news as we all already know.

As though Adam Schiff’s secret impeachment inquiry is supposed to be secret, leaks to the far-left major media outlets like CNN,NYTimes,WashingtonPost geared for the Get Drumpf! crowd are currently being reported everywhere without a hint of scrutiny from the media, ignorant or unashamed of being so obviously manipulated by Schiff’s evil cabal.

Trump impeachment
Williams Taylor

Now Somebody somehow leaked Taylor’s opening statement to the media and oh we can only sit and imagine who that might have been.

Then again even though we are talking about a process designed to overturn a national election, the accused President Trump — has no rights, nor do his surrogates among House Republicans.

They have not only been restricted from calling their own witnesses, which is unprecedented in the history of impeachment, they cannot even publicize their side of the story without violating Schiff’s fascist rules.

Even worse is while Taylor’s opening statement is leaked to the media, this one-sided document from a career diplomat who obviously despises Trump, the transcripts and recordings of his entire testimony remain hidden, guarded, secreted away… And the so-called media are perfectly fine with this, perfectly happy to publish what Schiff wants them to publish, even though they know it does not tell the full truth or anything close to it.

And in the specific case of Taylor, according to three Republican Congressman who were in the room, the testimony Taylor gave that completely undercuts the narrative about his “smoking gun” opening statement remains hidden from the public, and we are now stuck with an incurious press that just doesn’t want to hear the inconvenient truth.


House Republicans gather for a news conference on Wednesday, October 23, 2019, on Capitol Hill.

Appearing with Sean Hannity on Fox News after Taylor’s testimony, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) said, “The truth is, in two minutes, John Ratcliffe destroyed this witness. There is no quid pro quo.”

Today, Rep. Ratcliffe (R-TX) himself verified this while complaining (justifiably) about how he is restricted from revealing the full truth of what happened. He did, though, say something :

• I found [Taylor] to be very forthright. He had very strong opinions about Donald Trump’s approach to foreign policy. But again, the mainstream media reporting that he provided evidence of a quid pro quo involving military aid is false. I questioned him directly on that. And under [House Intelligence Chairman] Adam Schiff’s rules I can’t tell you what he said, but I can tell you what he didn’t say. And neither he or any other witness has provided testimony that the Ukrainians were aware that military aid was being withheld. You can’t have a quid pro quo with no quo.


Moving to Twitter, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) said of Taylor’s testimony and the lapdog media’s coverage of “The leaks out of today’s witness interview have been laughably overblown and don’t tell the full story. Still no evidence of quid pro quo. Much of the statement and hearsay allegations didn’t hold up against any real scrutiny.

The FULL transcript should be released immediately.”

This has been the cycle since the beginning of Schiff’s Star Chamber: The worst possible testimony is leaked out of context, and it sounds awful — at least until we get the other side of the story, where we inevitably learn that this whole thing is going nowhere, that all the evidence points to there being no quid pro quo, to us learning how Schiff is corruptly badgering witnesses to say what he wants.

Now we are currently enjoying a remarkable time in history where congressional Democrats are looking to overturn a presidential election using secret testimony backed by selective leaks, and the national media are colluding with them as if this is all normal and acceptable.

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  1. The Republicans need to stand over Schiff’s shoulder while he reads the mueller report and take it away from him after he reads it. You have to both being playing the same game if you want to win. Dems stsnd over your shoulder you stand over theirs

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