Ilhan Omar Says Earth Broke 120,000-Year-Old Temperature Record, Gets Ratioed


In California, you can’t walk two feet without running into an amateur “climatologist.” We just came out of one of the wettest winters in decades. It followed a drought that we were told was caused by climate change, and I agree with that statement. Just not the way climate activists think.

Climate change and droughts are real, and they started to happen long before traffic jams along the 405 Freeway.

The climate was different before the Industrial Revolution and the proliferation of machines that burn oil. The climate changed dramatically. It is almost certain that the “Lost Colony of Roanoke”, and its inhabitants, died because they attempted to stake down stakes during an 800-year drought. Tree rings tell us this.

Californians are not averse to cars, but despite the protestations and the gnashings of teeth, no historical Californian droughts (before California was California) have been caused by too many vehicles. Climate changed. Many articles were written about California’s worst drought in 1,200 years. That sounds terrifying and terrible, but many of these reports were written before California experienced one of its most wet winters in recent memory. Lake Shasta has now filled up and yes, one year does not end a dry spell.

What happened 1200 years ago, you may be wondering. There was a drought before that cutoff. In the 16th century, there was a drought of 22 years. We can measure the drought as long as there are trees that are old enough to be able to measure tree rings.

Bob Hoge, a friend of mine, wrote a letter dated a few weeks ago:

A deeper look reveals a completely different story. In fact, you are much less likely than your ancestors to be affected by bad weather. They also fail to mention that “in recorded time” is a very small period of time. Humans have only been accurately recording weather and temperatures for a tiny fraction of the planet’s entire history. It’s not true that “my grandma told me it used to rain less here” means a major shift in Earth’s climate.

Susie Moore also added:

Since 1979, they have been using a modeling system to determine the average global temperature. While instrument-based temperature records go back to the middle of the 19th century, scientists rely on tree rings and ice flakes to provide “proxy” data for temperatures prior. This proxy data tells scientists: “It’s not been this warm in 125,000 years.”

Is proxy data accurate? Not at all. Climatologists rely on data showing a 0.2-degree increase in average temperatures. This type of finite information wasn’t available for 200 years. It is impossible to know what the temperature was on a certain day, say, 1,000 years ago, or even 120,000 years ago. Scientists are able to guess, but this is only a guess.

Ilhan Omar didn’t let that stop her from hopping into her DeLorean to travel back in time and claim that 3 days this summer had broken a record set, according to reports, 120,000 years earlier.

If true, it would be a big deal. Fred Flintstone could not confirm.

Twitter’s “community notes” and occasional replies to idiotic tweets are the best parts.

Omar’s squadmate, and noted mixologist and climatologist AOC warned us that we have 12 years before the earth is done like a Thanksgiving turkey. Sorry – had. That was 4 years ago. We are down to 8 years now. Climate activists are gluing themselves to streets and when they aren’t glued down, they are getting dragged, literally by the hair by people sick of their antics.

Right now, I’ll make a prediction: This summer will be hot and the fall will be cooler. In the winter, snow will be back. I didn’t even need a DeLorean. You’re welcome.