Indian Navy Recaptures Pirated Ship Off Horn of Africa


Indian Marine Commandos have recaptured and evacuated safely all 21 crewmembers of a pirated bulk carrier flying the Liberian flag.

UK Maritime Trade Operations has reported that the Liberian-flagged bulk container ship MV Lila Norfolk was pirated on Thursday in the Arabian Sea.

Reports indicate that five to six pirates boarded while the crew fled to the “citadel.” Fortunately, for the crew, and unfortunately for pirates, INS Chennai was nearby. It is a Kolkata class stealth-guided missile destroyer. The INS Chennai was part of a flotilla of three ships that were sent to the Arabian Sea after a drone launched by Iran struck the Liberian-flagged tanker, Chem Pluto.

Indian aircraft overflew the Lia Norfolk, and made contact with the crew that was safely barricaded inside the “citadel.” Pirates abandoned their plan after being unable to gain control of the vessel and having Indian aircraft overfly the ship.

Indian MARCOS boarded Lia Norfolk shortly after 1 pm local time.

The crew was released from the “citadel” after a thorough search for pirates that missed the boat back home.

The Indian Navy was in control of the vessel, according to reports. All 21 crew members including 15 Indians were evacuated.