Indiana AG Unveils Bold Initiative to Combat Public School Indoctrination


The Attorney General in Indiana has launched a new initiative that aims to stop the indoctrination and indoctrination in public schools.

Todd Rokita, Indiana Attorney general, announced in an interview with The Daily Signal the launch of a portal where parents can monitor potentially harmful content.

Rokita, a Signal reporter, said that the tool was designed to help parents better deal with their school systems so they could raise their children. This is their responsibility and not the schools’.

Rokita felt compelled to act after parents sent him a lesson plan showing that their children were taught a critical race theory, and other far left ideas.

He explained that parents were sending him lesson plans. This was around the same time we began calling out the critical race theory, as well as the social [and] emotion learning being taught by teachers and students to each other. It was corrupting all of the educational experience.

Many teachers denied using such materials when Indiana officials challenged them. Parents could use screenshots, lesson plans, emails, and other evidence to prove what happened in the classroom.

Rokita continued:

Either these parents are part of a conspiracy, and fabricating all of this, as teachers, principals, and school boards would like you to believe, or something is going on, even in Indiana. We’ve been collecting all these submissions over the past year and a quarter.

No, I won’t go out and investigate schools. No. 1. I do not have the legal authority to enter there. This is a transparent portal that will allow us to cut through rumors.

These measures are a clear response to the increasing number of teachers in public schools who think they can weaponize classrooms to indoctrinate students with their progressive worldview.

Indiana is a conservative state but various investigations found disturbing practices in Indiana’s schools.

Accuracy in media released footage last year of administrators from five Indiana schools bragging about how they had integrated critical race theory into the curriculum while misleading parents about their intentions. Since then, two of these administrations left their posts.

The Daily Signal exposed at least one school that had a policy of supporting and assisting students who suffer from gender dysphoria, as well as helping them hide their information from parents.

Rokita’s plans have not been well received by all teachers. Indiana Capital Chronicle reported on numerous complaints from school officials that they had not been informed of the portal launch, and that the claims made in the portal were not “tested” properly.

Ed DeLaney of the Democratic Party, a state representative from Texas, was among those who criticized the move. He complained that it “causes enormous problems” in school communities.

“If someone is unhappy in these school districts, they should feel free to contact the school authorities.” DeLaney, in a Chronicle interview, said that (Rokita), does not have an investigation policy for anything he believes is wrong. “I think he is way out of bounds.”