Indictment Bombshell: Hunter Biden Faces Fresh Criminal Accusations


Hunter Biden, the scandal-plagued child of Joe Biden is facing new federal charges as part of an ongoing Justice Department investigation.

CNN reported on Thursday night that the charges include nine counts including failure to pay and file taxes, evasion assessment, and false or fraud tax returns. The case was almost resolved in July, but a plea agreement fell through. Hunter Biden’s lucrative overseas business deals are the basis of this new tax case. These transactions are at center stage in House Republicans’ investigation into Joe Biden.

Fox News reported that “Accordingly to the indictment filed in the U.S. District Court for Central District of California,” the younger Biden had engaged in a 4-year scheme to avoid paying at least $1.4 Million in federal taxes from 2016 to 2019.

Indictment: Biden spent millions of dollars on an “extravagant lifestyle” including memberships to sex clubs and over $188,000 in adult entertainment, rather than paying taxes.

David Weiss, Special Counsel in Los Angeles, has used a federal grand jury to gather evidence about possible criminal tax charges that could be brought against Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden, who was charged as a result of Weiss’ years-long investigation, pleaded not guilty to federal gun charges before the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware in October.

Fox News Digital reached out to Hunter Biden’s legal team to get a comment. A spokesperson for Weiss Special Counsel declined to comment.

Joe Biden’s timing could not be worse. The House will vote next week on a resolution that would open a formal investigation into his involvement in Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals. CNN reported that in their report on the latest charges against Hunter Biden, the impeachment investigation is “largely based upon their unproven allegations that Joe Biden had been involved in ‘corrupt business deals’ with his son. The White House denied all wrongdoing by Joe Biden.

The evidence that the House Oversight Committee has uncovered is significant and damning.

The Biden family received over $24 million in foreign currency. Joe Biden received $200k from his brother James Biden on the same day James Biden was given a loan of $200,000 by a rural hospital operator in financial trouble. Joe Biden received $40,000 of laundered Chinese currency from his brother-in-law and sister. It is now clear that the Bidens sold their influence in the world by using Joe Biden as the product. If these facts were available, any investigation anywhere in the United States would be able to move forward. The House is in the best possible position to win in court and find the truth if it votes on an impeachment investigation,” Rep. Kelly Armstrong, R-N.D. said in a Thursday statement.

The vote on the impeachment investigation is expected to be held on Wednesday. House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La. Last week, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) said that Republicans in the House have the votes necessary to pass the resolution.

In a recent Economist/YouGov survey, 72% of Americans believe that Hunter Biden benefited from his father’s position. This includes 53% Democrats and 72% Independents. A poll by I&I/TIPP revealed that 56% of U.S. citizens believe it is “likely” Biden accepted bribes. Only 27% said it was “unlikely”.