Inflation Act Would Make IRS Workforce Larger Than the Pentagon, State Dept., FBI, and Border Patrol—Combined


We have already mentioned that the “Inflation Reduction Act”, which contains $80 billion, will fund the Internal Revenue Service to hire 87,000 agents to assist with financial affairs in America.

Sunday’s Senate vote approved the bill. It now moves to the House, where it will be considered for approval. This number is greater than Tempe’s.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the IRS will have more workers than the combined workforce from the FBI, State Department, and Border Patrol.

The Inflation Reduction Act would make IRS the largest federal agency. It currently employs approximately 27,000 people, according to the Defense Department. A human resources factsheet states that the State Department employs approximately 35,000 people. Customs and Border Protection claims it has 19,536 Border Patrol Agents.

The staggering number of 87 thousand, in addition to 78,000 employees already at the agency, is truly astonishing. People often have criticized the draconian policies of this administration–especially with the FBI’s raid of Mar-a-Lago in the news–but siccing that many new agents on our own people take it to a whole new level. Ted Cruz, a Texas Republican senator, seems to agree.

Ted Cruz (Republican from Texas) stated that the bill’s worst aspects are the ones the Democrats try to sell, such as the 87,000 additional IRS agents. The Democrats pretend that it is only targeting “billionaires” and claim that it will make them pay more.

Arama is right, billionaires and corporations won’t be the only ones targeted. This Free Beacon explains everything:

The majority of IRS audits, scrutiny revenue, and audits will come from those with incomes below $200,000 annually, according to a nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation. The committee found that 4 to 9 percent to $500,000 can be used to raise funds.

Lindsey Graham (a South Carolina Senator) put it in perspective at a Tuesday press conference.

God help us if you think the federal government is out of control. 87,000 IRS agents will be searching for ways to make more money.

My colleague wrote Monday about Democrats making a big deal of audits.

Charles Rettig was the IRS Commissioner. He claimed that these new resources were not about increasing audit scrutiny of small businesses or middle-income Americans. This letter was sent to Senators by him. He is right. I believe them.

The bill will continue to be scrutinized and bad news will come out.