Inside the Biden White House’s New Refugee Plan


Recently, the Biden administration sent Congress a proposal to accept 125,000 refugees in fiscal year which begins next month.

However, if recent years are any indication, President Joe Biden will not be able to achieve this goal. The U.S. had a fiscal year of 2021 in which it admitted 11,411 refugees out of a maximum of 62,500. The U.S. Refugee Admissions Program admitted only 11,411 refugees from a ceiling of 62,500. In fiscal year 2021, the program estimated that it could have accepted up to 25,000 refugees.

The Biden administration would rather blame COVID-19 and Trump for failing to meet ambitious refugee targets than the real cause, which is a massive loss of control at South Border that has caused huge backlogs in the legal immigration process as well as the legal immigration system.

On the other hand, illegal immigrants can ask for asylum at the border or after they have entered the U.S. legally. U.S. immigration courts handle their domestic claims. Citizenship and Immigration Services, or the Justice Department’s immigration courts.

Biden’s new Refugee Admissions Program target numbers are in a State Department document called “President’s Report to Congress On Proposed Refugee Admissions For Fiscal Year 2023” The proposed ceiling of 125,000 refugees for the new fiscal year “would address growing needs generated by humanitarian crisis around the world,” according to the September 9 report.

The Biden administration’s inept attempt to admit almost 80,000 Afghans after the panicked American evacuation of Afghanistan in August 2021 has added to the chaos at the border.

This chart shows the U.S. refugee admissions. 125,000 would seem ambitious, even if all resources were available and we didn’t expect tens to thousands more Afghan refugees. In the last 40 years, the only time we came close to the refugee limit was in 1980 (the Mariel Boatlift) and in a few years in the 1990s.

Obama tried to shift resources to refugee processing but at the expense of increasing delays for asylum-seekers. There are limited resources to handle immigration cases at the border. The government must rob Peter to pay Paul. Or, more likely, the government will delay a request by Pavel the Ukrainian abroad to admit Pedro the Venezuelan at its border.

Despite its flaws the Refugee Admissions program is well-tested, organized and methodical. The Afghan and southern border streams, by contrast, are just as organized as the U.S. 1975 evacuation from Saigon.

Operation Allies Welcome Afghans required at least a name and birth date from each person. This was to be obtained via U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The Afghan would be allowed to fly if both documents showed nothing that could be considered derogatory in U.S. database.

In his report, the inspector general observed that biographic information about these individuals was not reliable, rudimentary and sometimes even missing.

I have processed thousands of visas in Third World settings and can confirm that no “vetting” is complete. In developing countries, few reliable records exist.

The inspector general’s report revealed that over 10,000 Afghans were born Jan. 1. Computing says, Garbage in, trash out.

Only if foreigners are accurately recorded in U.S. databases will they generate “hits”

Visa applicants from developing countries are required to obtain a clearance certificate. This is because the police station has no national database and cannot search for records beyond local paper files. These clearance certificates are often useless and difficult to obtain, particularly for refugees fleeing a country.

We are left with their word. People who want to flee a country in a hurry tend to forget the small details.

While the Afghan influx was ongoing, more than 150,000 migrants crossed the border illegally every month under the Biden administration. More than a million were released into the country after minimal processing.

This situation has become so extreme that hundreds of illegal aliens were recently released in El Paso, Texas. They are not allowed to be housed for even the short time required to get unreliable personal information and then move them into the interior. El Paso is one of America’s poorest communities and plans to purchase four buses per day to transport the migrants.

Additionally, the 200,000 illegal migrants who are now arriving per month want to be “arrested” at border so they can get their bus ticket to Sanctuary City, as well as other benefits. Biden has allowed an additional 900,000. foreigners to enter the country utterly unchecked.

Recidivist criminals, who have good reasons to avoid detection, can cross the border unnoticed. Many people find an unpatrolled sector because Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas prioritizes social work at migrant processing facilities.

Every migrant arriving under the Biden administration is presumed to be an asylum seeker, even though that seems absurd. The only inconveniences are the Title 42 public healthcare measure and the “Remain in Mexico” policy.

This approach encourages more people to come from around the globe, as well as rampant asylum fraud and hopeless backlogs at U.S. immigration courts. Citizenship and Immigration Services and a pervasive dysfunction that open-borders advocates may exploit to claim that the system is “broken” and needs “reform.”

The U.S. cannot bring in enough refugees to solve all the world’s problems. We should give preference to refugees, who are carefully selected and processed in the United States. We are not aware of the risks presented by illegal aliens who cross the border every day to claim asylum. These migrants will be hard to expel, regardless of the outcome.

The Refugee Admissions program is designed to demonstrate goodwill and encourage other countries. This program must be able to accept a reasonable amount of refugees each year, who can be adequately screened and assimilate.