Insider Tells Tucker Carlson That CIA Was Directly Involved in JFK Assassination


The speculation about the motives and circumstances behind President John F. Kennedy’s 1963 assassination has not stopped. Although Kennedy’s murderer was found to be working alone shortly after the incident, Tucker Carlson was told by an insider that the Central Intelligence Agency was involved in JFK’s assassination.

Carlson pointed out that there have been questions about Kennedy’s assassination since the event. This is simply because there are many details that don’t add up or seem too coincidental. The CIA has refused to release any documentation regarding the assassination.

Lyndon B. Johnson published a report in the year following JFK’s death declaring that Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby were Kennedy’s murderers. The CIA acknowledged that it withheld evidence 50 years later. However, the reasons for this are still not known. Carlson stated that conspiracy theory was first introduced to American lexicons by the media after JFK’s assassination. This was due to many rumors and suspicions. As it is now, the phrase was used to describe anything and everything that was not in accordance with a government declaration, whether they were plausible questions or far-out kookiness.

Carlson mentioned one suspicious circumstance. He noted that Louis Jolyon West, a psychiatrist, declared that Jack Ruby was insane in April 1964 after having visited him in prison. West claimed Ruby needed psychiatric hospitalization even though no one had ever seen him before. West was a contract psychiatrist who was also a mind-control specialist for the CIA. He was involved with the CIA’s MK Ultra program which provided powerful psychiatric medications to certain Americans without their knowledge. The U.S. media have never looked into why Ruby was being diagnosed by a CIA psychiatrist that specialized in uninformed control of the mind. History has not yet revealed the reasons for West’s selection.

The 1976 investigation into Kennedy’s assassination was reopened by the U.S. House of Representatives with a special bipartisan panel. It concluded that JFK had been “almost certainly killed as a result of a plot.” But who was the conspiracy? Carlson boldly called the CIA an “obvious suspect.” He explained his reasoning: “Why else would the agency withhold critical evidence from the investigators?” There was a 1992 congressional law mandating that all JFK assassination-related documentation be released by 2017, which ultimately did not happen. Trump was convinced by Mike Pompeo, former director of the CIA, not to release all documents even though all those involved are deceased. It is not known why Pompeo refused to appear on Carlson’s show.

Today, thousands of documents from the JFK assassination were released by the Biden administration. It is not clear how many are still secret.

Carlson believes that he knows the reason why JFK files weren’t released in 2017. Carlson said he spoke to someone with access to the Kennedy documents and was familiar with them. He asked the insider if the CIA had any involvement in the murder of John F. Kennedy. They were involved, I believe. It is a completely different country than we believed it to be. It’s all fake.” Carlson acknowledged that Carlson’s response was “jarring,” but said the unnamed source is not a conspiracy theorist… it is someone who has direct knowledge of the information.

Carlson asked viewers to think about the implications of his source’s statement, regardless of how they feel about JFK’s assassination. According to Carlson’s source, the U.S. government is governed by forces that are beyond the control and control of the electorate. This is because America has many unelected bureaucrats. Carlson stated that these forces could affect the outcome of elections. They may even be able to hide their complicity with the assassination of an American president. They can do anything they want. This is quite a bold accusation. Carlson acknowledged that Americans don’t trust their government anymore, but he also suggested that the government might be less trustworthy than publicly stated.

Carlson’s description of the situation is terrifying. The American public will not be able to determine if Carlson was telling the truth until all CIA documentation regarding Kennedy’s assassination has been released.