Iran Cheers ‘Victorious’ Attack on Israel, Warns of ‘Heavier’ Response if Israel Strikes Back


The Iranian Foreign Ministry declared the attack on Israel as “powerful” a “victory.”

Iran launched 300 drones and rockets from its territory towards Israel. However, the vast majority of them were intercepted. The Iranian regime posted a message by President Ibrahim Raisi.

The foreign ministry posted on X (formerly Twitter) that “Raisi sent a message after a powerful and historic operation against the Zionist regime.”

Raisi stated that “Iran’s armed forces have taught a lesson to Zionist enemies.” “Any new venture will be met with a heavier, regrettable response.”

Israel and its allies claim to have intercepted 95% of Iran’s missiles and drones during the attack on Saturday.

Israeli fighter jets attacked multiple Hezbollah sites in Lebanon including a major weapon manufacturing facility.

Israel has not yet announced a large-scale response to the attack by Iran. This decision could cause a war in the region.