Iran’s Imminent Attack on Israel: Report Warns Strike Could Come Within 48 Hours


A Wall Street Journal exclusive published Thursday night claims that Iran is preparing an imminent attack against Israel as a retaliation to the Jewish State’s airstrike in early April, which killed seven members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. (IRGC), including two top leaders.

Israel was bold to take out the IRGC’s top brass

This is the most detailed report we’ve seen yet. We knew the region was on high alert and that retaliatory actions may be forthcoming, but it hasn’t been very specific.

According to the Wall Street Journal citing a source familiar with the situation, the attack could occur within the next 24-48 hours, and it would target the southern or northern areas of the Jewish State.

The outlet reported that a person who was briefed on the plans by the Iranian regime said no decision had been made, but they were discussed.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s adviser said that the strike plans were in front of him and he was still weighing up the political risks.


US Forces are on High Alert and Preparing to Counter a ‘Significant Attack’ by Iran in the Middle East on US, Israeli Assets

Sources have narrowed the possible location of an attack on Israel.

The Journal reports that US intelligence indicates Iran is now focused on a retaliatory attack “possibly against Israeli soil”, rather than US or Israeli interest elsewhere in the Middle East.

The US Embassy issued a security warning Thursday to employees and their families not to leave the central parts of Israel.

The embassy stated that “out of an abundance of caution”, US government employees, their families, and friends are prohibited from traveling outside of the Greater Tel Aviv area (including Herzliya and Netanya), Jerusalem, and Be’er Sheva until further notice.

The US government allows its personnel to travel between these three regions for their travel.

On Thursday night, there were several bellicose Tweets from purported Iranian supporters:


In the face of an imminent threat, despite Joe Biden’s, let’s say, hesitant, if not weak, support for Israel over the past few weeks, Defense Sec. Lloyd Austin has pledged his full support.

The Pentagon confirmed Gen. Michael Erik Kurilla was in Israel on Thursday. He is the commander of US Central Command (the apparatus responsible for military activities in the Middle East).

According to the read-out of the call, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin spoke with his Israeli equivalent, Yoav Galant, and reiterated the “ironclad US commitment to Israel’s defense in the face growing threats from Iran, its regional allies, and their regional proxy states.”

The Pentagon statement stated that Secretary Austin “assured Minister Gallant of Israel’s full US support in defending Israel against Iranian attacks which Tehran has publicly threatened Israel.”

The story is moving fast and the dynamics are changing rapidly. We can only pray that Iran doesn’t escalate this conflict to a full-blown Middle East regional war by the weekend. That would be bad for everyone and could even lead to a bigger conflagration.

You will be kept informed.