Is Joe Biden Brewing a Border Civil War?


Since the beginning of the Obama presidency, I can recall that pundits and would-be prophets have made predictions about a possible second civil war. Joe Biden, the media, and other characters who make up the American Left are all adept at stoking the flames of unrest with constant references about white supremacy, MONSTERMAGA Republicans, and the never-ending January 6 vigil. Don’t forget Donald Trump who is Hitler, and who will send anyone who opposes him to GOP gulags before he executes them.

As if the incendiary language was not enough to fuel the speculation, inflation, urban decay, and rampant crime as well as a pandemic that was nowhere near as bad as advertised as well as a serious decline in race relations have all added fuel. This is felt most acutely at the border.

Paula reported yesterday that the Supreme Court, after a Biden administration appeal, ruled that Customs and Border Patrol could continue to cut razor wire along the Texas border. The injunction remains in place until Homeland Security et al. The case of v. Texas will be litigated. Texas and the federal government are at odds over who’s responsible for maintaining the state borders. Here is where civil war threatens to appear.

The Post Millennial reports that Clay Higgins, a Republican from Louisiana, was in the House of Representatives on Monday. On X, Biden and Co. were staging a civil conflict.

Higgins responded in the expanded post: “My thought is that the feds stage a civil conflict, and Texas should hold their ground.”

Any time the issue of states’ rights rears its head, the Left is quick to jump on the Conservatives-Are-Confederates Bandwagon. The actual Civil War was fought over the issue of a person’s right to own another. No civilized person could believe that slavery was a net or gross positive or even remotely justified.

We need to provide some context before allowing the Left to paint this issue with their favorite brush. In this case, we’re talking about the federal government asserting its right to force the states to allow foreigners to enter the country or at least pass through. I am not aware of any federal government acknowledgment or acceptance of responsibility for the increase in crime, fentanyl usage, human trafficking, or commerce.

If anyone thinks that only racist white conservatives raise red flags, they should read Olivia Reingold’s article on a group of black Democrats who are suing Chicago. They are angry that black Chicagoans’ needs are ignored to favor illegal immigrants. Rick said earlier that the issue was causing a lot of internal fighting among Illinois politicians.

Do I believe that the Democrats are aiming for a civil conflict? Not particularly. We are also talking about Democrats of the 21st century, and there aren’t enough Magic 8 Balls to know how far they are willing to go to keep power. One can reach the same goal by using any means if one is sufficiently Machiavellian.

The Democrat Party is made up of opportunists. The Biden administration, its handlers, and the American public would be able to take advantage of a showdown in Texas to ramp up their rhetoric, issue executive orders, and find new ways to steamroll them.