Is This Bombshell Evidence Proof That Trump’s Indictment is a Scam?


After the Federal Indictment against President Trump was unveiled, stories were published that showed photos of boxes of documents stored in different rooms at Mar-a-Lago, including on the stage of the White and Gold Ballroom and in a bathroom.

These photos, like the ones from the raid that showed classified documents spread out on the ground, created an impression in the minds of the public. Look at the number of boxes! Just look where they are! There were dozens of boxes everywhere, and anyone could have them.

As Newsmax’s Greg Kelly explained, in this case, it is “a scam” which has poisoned the public’s view of Donald Trump. Why? Kelly pointed out that the number of classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago would fit in a single box with plenty of room to spare.

Kelly stated, “You don’t need to be an attorney to see this and realize that it is a scam.” “Number 1, in that indictment they included some pictures to scare us. Look at all those boxes! These boxes contain classified documents. The indictment contains these pictures, as well as dozens of boxes.

He said, “I went through the indictment, and I saw how many classified documents the FBI recovered. 102.”

Kelly pulled out a similar box to the one in the photo. So, everyone, I have a box here, okay? “This is one box.” Then he showed a full ream (500 pages) of intact paper, plus 100 loose sheets to represent the classified documents found. The documents found didn’t fill a single box. Kelly asked why photos of the boxes had been included in the indictment and were given extensive media coverage.

“Why? They want to make it clear that the material is classified. It’s not.”