Is Tucker Carlson’s Show Returning?


Tucker Carlson, via a video on Twitter, announced that a new version of his show – and “some other things too” – is coming back soon and will air on Twitter.

Carlson and Fox News have been in talks for over two weeks since Fox abruptly pulled him off the air, claiming the two parties had reached an agreement to separate. Carlson’s contract with Fox runs until January 2025. His legal team has sent Fox a letter demanding that they honor the contract.

The video, which is just over three minutes long, contains many nuggets of information that shed light on Carlson’s time at Fox News. Also, the location for the show may have something to do with the Axios article that said that Carlson and Musk had been in discussions about a media platform.

Tucker said:

Most of the time, people who say that the news is full of lies are not entirely correct. Many of the things you read or see on TV, in The New York Times, or in other media are true. The media can check the facts. It would pass the fact-check of a lawyer. They may even have. It doesn’t mean it is true. It’s not the truth.

The news that you read is, at its most basic, a lie. A lie of the sneakiest, most insidious type. The truth, as well as the proportions and perspectives, have been deliberately omitted. You are being misled.

How does it work? Let’s see. It is not a lie if I tell you a man was unjustly detained for armed robbery. He could have been framed. No one knows for sure because there hasn’t been a trial. If I do not mention that the man was arrested six times for the same crime, am I informing you at all? No, I’m not. You’re being misled. The news media do this in every important story, every day, every week.

How is it to work within a system such as that? We can tell you stories after more than 30 years of being in the middle. At this point, the best thing you can expect in the journalism business is to be able, to tell the truth as fully as you can. There are limits to everything, and if you go over them too often, you’ll be fired. It’s a fact. Everyone who works in English language media knows that.

Everything is defined by the rule of what can’t be said. It’s dirty, it’s corrupting, it’s really filthy. It’s impossible to have a truly free society without the freedom of speech. Speech is a fundamental requirement for democracy. It’s for this reason that it is enshrined within the first amendment of our Constitution.

As of tonight, there are not many platforms that still allow for free speech. Twitter is the last and only big platform left in the world. Twitter is where the national conversation has been incubating and developing for a long time. Twitter is not a political site. We think it’s great that everyone is welcome here. Most of the news you see on Twitter is from media outlets that are thinly disguised propaganda outlets. You watch it on cable, and you discuss it on Twitter. It may seem like the result is a debate but in reality, it’s still up to the gatekeepers.

We don’t like that system. We know how it works and are sick of it.

We’ll soon be bringing to Twitter a new version of the show that we’ve done for the past six and a quarter years. We will also be bringing you other things, about which we will tell you. We’re grateful to be present. The right to free speech is your most important right. You cannot have any other rights without it. Soon, I hope to see you.

Tucker will obviously want his show and any other assets that he develops to be available on other sites than Twitter. Many people from his audience don’t even have a Twitter profile and won’t feel compelled to create one just to watch his show. This is a good start for those who are looking for less propaganda and for Fox News, it’s a bad move.