It Looks Like DeSantis Has His Strategy to Fight Against Trump


Donald Trump has placed Ron DeSantis in his crosshairs, and many were curious about how the Florida Governor would respond.

It’s frustrating to see it happen but it was necessary. Trump is not one to be soft on anyone, enemies or allies. Trump will bulldoze through anyone who gets in the way of his goal. It has been both a great weakness and a great strength. It is the same fight that makes a friend or foe stronger than it is that elevates America. Trump’s presidency was a blessing for this country and set the stage for the end of Roe V. Wade.

This is why Trump has so many loyal supporters despite his two-year absence from office. DeSantis has, however, a loyal following thanks to his extraordinary governorship in Florida.

DeSantis is everything that the left hates. DeSantis treats his citizens as adults, defies authority when necessary, and uses common sense to determine whether an idea is worth keeping or throwing out. This was especially evident during the pandemic when DeSantis removed restrictions after it became obvious that lockdown measures and masks were not working.

It was during that fight that DeSantis learned how to brawl so that he can strike when and where. We are now hearing DeSantis’ strategy to fight back, as Trump is already throwing the first punches.

It’s not to fight back.

Katherine Faulders from ABC News reported that DeSantis’ strategy was to “not engage” and that he doesn’t intend to respond to attacks. It is unclear if her commentary is true or if her sources informed her that it was the goal of the DeSantis group.

This begs the question: Is this a wise strategy or not?

While it might work in the short term, it will not last long. Trump will eventually say or do something that will force DeSantis into the ring. There is no going back once that happens. He might not respond at all, which could make him appear weak, or at the very minimum, Trump might say something that will fester in DeSantis’s campaign, unless it is refuted.

Trump will win, so rest assured.

The strategy is good for now. Trump’s attack on the governor of Florida, which is so shocking, isn’t working out for him. The DeSantis is letting Trump get a kick in the rear. This has caused quite a bit of controversy, but it is working in DeSantis’s favor.

However, this strategy will not last for very long. Neither of the men has made an announcement yet. Trump is expected to be there on the 15th. However, DeSantis may still be a ways off now that he has won reelection. This is DeSantis’s last term as Florida governor. That means that his iron might not be the hottest it has ever been by 2028. His chances of announcing his candidacy are high.

Trump and DeSantis are at this point inevitable, and they are already playing one another.