James Carville Says You Are ‘Stupid’ and ‘Evil’ and the Media Is Too Nice to You


James Carville, a long-serving Democratic strategist had strong words for Democrats and the far left. He had more to say for Republicans and their supporters.

Carville in an interview with The Hill lashed out at his party members for their “ability to irritate” as well as their support of defunding police.

He stated that these people are irritable.

He stated, “So we pay even though the vast majority of Republican Party members don’t believe in evolution.” He replied, “It’s Alright.”

According to the Democratic strategist, those who believe that the election was stolen are entitled to storm Capitol. This is a substantial number of Republicans. He said, “Our people are kind of stupid.” “They are really bad, racism can be deadly. ”

He even gave a nod to the woke progressive movement and added, “A pronoun for me is okay.”

He said, “That’s just not what it is.” “It’s not one thing, but both sides are what the media is addicted to. ”

I’m sorry.

There are certain things that will not change. The Clinton Era belief that the media relentlessly attacks Democrats is still true.

Many liberal journalists demanded that the mainstream media refrain from reporting on “both sides” of a political issue. Many liberal journalists demanded that the mainstream media not report on “both sides” in a political issue. This was suggested by Brian Stelter (CNN’s executive director).

We have extensive coverage of media bias. RedState has covered media bias extensively. There isn’t a day that Republicans are not subject to negative coverage. There is no shortage of negative coverage for Republicans.

Carville doesn’t say anything that could be understood to mean “You guys should be saying this constantly.” This was Carville’s advice for Democrats over a decade ago. He advised them to hold the midterms on January 6th.

It’s clear that this message is not about politics or policy. It is highly irresponsible.