Jan. 6 Panel Calls Gingrich to Testify, Says He Deliberately Incited Anger With False Claims of Election Fraud


Joe Biden, the most divisive president of modern history, lies about Donald Trump and almost half of America. The Jan. 6 Committee, which is also TDS-ridden, moves forward — changing no minds on either side.

According to The New York Times report, the “select” committee wrote to Newt Gingrich, former House Speaker, asking him to sit down for an interview about his alleged involvement in Donald Trump’s attempt to overturn the 2020 elections. Gingrich, according to the committee members, incited anger among voters by making false claims about election fraud.

According to The Times, investigators of the committee found evidence that Gingrich was in touch with Trump advisors regarding TV ads that “amplified false allegations of fraud in the election” and other aspects of the plan to stop the transfer of power. This happened both before and after a mob attacked Capitol.

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss. Gingrich was contacted by Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.

We have some information about you including emails you exchanged with Jared Kushner, Jason Miller, and other senior advisors to Trump. In these messages, you gave detailed input into TV advertisements that repeated false claims of fraud in the 2020 elections.

These advertisements were not intended to encourage voters to vote for a candidate. These efforts were meant to question the outcome of the election, even though it had already been held. They advised the public to contact their state officials to pressure them to overturn the election results.

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In a letter to Mr. Gingrich, he requested that all records and communications with Mr. Trump and the Trump legal team be preserved. The letter requested that he be interviewed during the week of September 19.

Thompson claimed that Mr. Gingrich had sent messages specifically designed to incite anger among voters even though Georgia election officials had been threatened with violence and intimidation. Gingrich promoted the false claim that Atlanta election workers had smuggled fake votes into suitcases.

Thompson did not just include specific details in his letter to Gingrich, he also quoted the former Speaker.

“The goal of the campaign is to stir the nation’s anger through new verifiable and reliable information that the American people have not seen before,” wrote Mr. Gingrich to Mr. Kushner, Mr. Miller, and Larry Weitzner (a media consultant) on December 8, 2020. “If the American people find it convincing and it raises their anger, then they will pressure legislators and governors.”

Verifiable information was the only qualifier in Gingrich’s alleged quotes. We’ve seen and will continue to see that verifiable information is dismissed by both sides. This will continue to be true for Donald Trump. However, Gingrich’s statements do not seem to have been made to try to force governors or legislators to do anything illegal.

My colleague reported that Fani Willis (the Fulton County district attorney) requested the formation of a grand jury in order to assist with an investigation into Trump’s call to Brad Raffensperger in Georgia. He allegedly asked him to find the votes needed to defeat Joe Biden in 2020. Willis claimed that Trump committed numerous crimes during the call. These included conspiracy and racketeering and solicitation for election fraud.

Trump has, of course, denied any wrongdoing.

Thompson wrote that Gingrich was involved in the attack on Congress, or his lack thereof, in the letter. He did not respond immediately to a request from The Times for comment. The Times noted that Gingrich sent the letter as the Capitol attack investigation “has intensified.”


It continues. Trump’s loyalists call it a “Witch Hunt”, or legitimate investigation with cause to investigate. Democrats and their lapdog media puppets claim that this is what they will do until Donald Trump is defeated.