Jan. 6: The Insurrection That Wasn’t


The January 6th insurrection has been wiped out. The deconstruction is a fascinating story. Ray Epps is at the heart of this story switch.

Let’s first remember how we arrived at this point. The Democrat media complex took just moments to call the January 6 breach at the U.S. Capitol Building a “riot.” Like they were being beckoned, the narrative builders lined up and received the wafer. The “Trump supporters”, who were peacefully attending crowded and peaceful rallies for years, but had never engaged in violence, could be sentenced to 20 years.

Insurrections became deadly shortly after when, erroneously, the same media reported that rioters had killed police officers on January 6,

Only police officers were responsible for the deaths on 6 January.

It was awful, but what about insurrections? No.

Insurrection has become a thing of the past.

You can thank Ray Epps.

Epps’ story is among the most intriguing of hundreds of stories that have been told about the event of January 6, which we were assured would be the deadliest insurrection to ever occur. As some refer to it, the Capitol Incursion was more violent than the Civil War or Revolution. It was also worse than any riot and caused greater destruction than torching federal courthouses and police stations. It was worse than spraying CS gas on police during riots or aiming lasers at their eyes to blind the officers. It was much, much worse.

It was worse to set fire to the church of the president than this breach into the Capitol Building. It was also much, much worse than the terror campaigns and street takeovers Antifa and Black Lives Matter had been executing since 2016. In the eyes of the law, tearing down a Black Lives Matter sign in front of a D.C. Church is worse than setting fire to a church. Don’t forget that, Mr.

Epps has now changed all that. Epps is the only participant on the January 6th video that you have probably seen or heard. He urges people to enter the Capitol Building. Videos show him at the barricades, whispering into a man’s ear before he began to smash the barriers. On January 5, he told people to attack Capitol the following day. The crowd began yelling “Fed!” Fed! “Fed!” Check out my Adult in the Room Podcast interview with Darren Beattie from Revolver News. He broke the story about this mysterious man.

The mainstream media does not see Ray Epps in this light. According to his lawyer, Epps did indeed make peace that day. Epps was on the FBI list of people who were looking for information on January 6th, as I mentioned in a recent article. He was then removed from the list after speaking to the FBI.

Epps has had his life turned upside-down by all the attention. His life is not as shattered as that of the J6 Gulag internees who are still awaiting their trial, or those who were convicted and spent the rest of their lives making small rocks from big rocks. Ray Epps, in fact, is currently free. Epps was not alone in his actions. It is not normal for him to be treated this way.

Epps has been cleared by the J6 Committee as not being a federal agent. Epps says he was so hurt by media speculation that he is suing Fox News for defamation. Epps’ attorneys believe that the dog will not — or should not — hunt. However, they see a large settlement and future payout from a settlement.

The mainstream media has chosen Epps to be their favorite protester. They have written fawning articles about this man who is misunderstood. Epps, for some reason, is the only Trump fan and J6 attendee they are willing to support. Why is unclear.

The media has changed their tune on Epps. They now refer to the January 6th protests as “demonstrations” and “protests,” Epps is referred to as a “protester,” “scapegoat,” and any notion that he might be a Fed! Fed! Fed!” is dismissed as “right-wing conspiracies.”

Epps’ lawyer is a former Perkins Coie attorney who has now set up shop in Wilmington, Del. He was among the lawyers who filed the lawsuit against Fox News, accusing them of “defaming Dominion Voting Systems”.

MSNBC reported that Epps’ conspiracy theory that “he was an FBI undercover agent who invented the Jan. 6, Capitol attack” was fuelled in part by his presence at the Capitol on that day, but he wasn’t charged. According to Epps’ newly filed defamation suit against Fox News charges are on the way.

The choice of MSNBC as an “FBI Agent” is curious. For quite some time, it’s been speculated that Epps is indeed a “Fed! Fed! Fed!” He wasn’t an FBI agent but rather attached to other federal agencies such as DHS.

We are at least consistent. Ray Epps, or anyone else who fits the description of Ray Epps, did not encourage anyone to break into Capitol Building. He did not go into the Capitol Building on that day. Hundreds of other people who have criminal records also do not fit his description. We want to know what was so inconsistent about Epps.