Jen Psaki’s New Book Sparks Controversy as She Faces Accusations of Dishonesty, Prompting Swift Backlash


Kristi Noem’s book isn’t the only one that has caused controversy. Jen Psaki became embroiled in controversy on Monday when it was revealed that she had lied in her book about Joe Biden. The heat this time is coming from the left. Axios, a left-wing publication, reported the falsehood. They demanded an explanation.

Psaki claims in a book passage that Biden did not look at his watch during the Dover AFB ceremony honoring service members killed during the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal. In her writings, she went as far as to call these claims “misinformation”.

Gold Star families were furious at the time.

Psaki, in her new book “Say More”, writes that the president only looked at his clock after the ceremony was over. He and the First Lady headed to their car moments later.

Psaki, a former MSNBC anchor who describes herself as a journalist and now a top star, claims that Biden’s critics engaged in “misinformation,” using the image to “make him appear insensitive” by “only caring about how much time has passed.”

Axios deserves credit for bringing up the line “has described her as a reporter” here. Psaki isn’t a journalist. She is a Democrat apparatchik who poses as a journalist.

What’s the truth? Biden looked at his wristwatch at least twice during the ceremony. The Associated Press used the time-stamped photos that were the basis for numerous fact-checks on the incident because the White House has lied about it since. Psaki was aware of the truth but, in all her hubris and arrogance, chose to lie about it in her book, believing that the media wouldn’t expose her.

Jen Psaki, former White House Press Secretary and author of a new book, claims that President Biden did not look at his watch when he attended the ceremony honoring soldiers who died during the U.S. departure from Afghanistan in 2021. This contradicts news photographs and accounts by Gold Star families.

Why it matters: Donald Trump and his supporters have repeatedly used images of Biden looking at his watch while the ceremony was taking place to undermine President Obama’s image as an empathetic leader.

Psaki’s new book is yet another example of Biden administration officials, both current and former, downplaying or misrepresenting controversial events from the Afghanistan withdrawal in advance of the 2024 elections.

Remember, though. Psaki is our superior, blessed with truth and willingly speaking it. Who could forget this absolute gem from Brian Stelter?

What a refreshing thought! Psaki, shockingly, was so shaken by the negative reaction that she issued a press release stating the falsehoods would be removed in future editions of her book.

Psaki cannot help but lie about this situation. It wasn’t “the exact number of times that he looked at the watch” in the passage from her book that was the problem. She said he didn’t look at his watch during the ceremony but did afterward when he got into the car. They can’t help but be dishonest.