Jennifer Aniston Slams People Offended By ‘Friends’


Jennifer Aniston lashed at younger viewers who criticized “Friends” after the show’s success.

The Associated Foreign Press reported that critics have criticized it for its lack of diversity as well as the homophobic, sexist dialogue that it uses.

Aniston said that there were “things not intended” and that other things were possible.

Aniston warned young audiences to not evaluate “Friends” according to current standards of political correctness.

Yahoo reports that Aniston said that “there are a lot of people, including children, who go back to Friends’ episodes and find them offensive.” “Comedy has evolved, and movies have evolved. ”

She stated, “Now it is tricky because you have to be very careful. This makes it very difficult for comedians. Comedy is all about having fun. ”

Aniston felt nostalgic as she reflected back on her time with “Friends”. It was like the “sensitive” view of today.

Humor is essential for everyone! “All people need humor!” She stated that humor is essential for everyone. “Especially in the United States. Everyone is too divided. “