Jill Biden Describes Fexting With Joe


We told you earlier about Hunter Biden’s creepy porn indulgence. Hunter also used his father’s phone number to send a pornhub link.

This is not the only Biden tale we have. My colleague told me about the Harper’s Bazaar article they wrote on Jill Biden. One presumes it was a puff piece meant to make her look attractive. This is the role the media seem willing to play for Democrats: promotional operatives. It’s a bit deaf to see her in designer clothes while Americans suffer from the crushing inflation Joe Biden has contributed to.

From Townhall: Harper’s Bazaar was captivated by the “cheerful purple Carolina Herrera gown, [and] Valentino heels” she wore during a day of official travel. But it also began to admire the “thin gold anklet that glints under the sun,” which is the exact description of First Lady Melania Trump, the supermodel who didn’t appear on any magazine covers because they couldn’t overcome their blind hatred for Trump.

The magazine probably didn’t anticipate a certain part of the story.

Jill Biden described the “occasional” fights she had with Joe via text message in the interview as “fexting.”

The Urban Dictionary defines “fexting” as “f**king whilst texting”, but it has not defined it as “fighting during texting”. It can also refer to “fake SMS messaging” or “sending messages on Facebook of an extreme sexual nature.”

The NY Post Post Post reached out to Jill Biden for comment. If they provide an answer, I would be grateful.

Harper was told by Jill that she began the practice when she was the second lady. She said she preferred to squabble with her spouse over text messages than argue loudly with the Secret Service.

They continue to “fext,” until today, with the FLOTUS confessing that she sent something very hurtful to her husband in a spat.

FLOTUS was reminded by the president that all their emails and texts are part of a historical record.

Joe said, “You realize that it’s going down in history. She said that there would be a record of it.

Jill stated that despite their disagreements over text, she was supportive of her husband, to whom she has been married since 1977.

“I try and be supportive of Joe because I don’t know how many people are telling him, That was great.” She exclaimed with affection, “That was amazing. I try to be that person.”

Is she able to comprehend what she is saying when she says that she doesn’t know how many people say to him, “That was great, That was brilliant!” Given his lack of greatness or genius in any area, I think there is a reason. He could have easily left President Donald Trump’s policies in place and just coasted. He resolved to undo all that Trump had done, even the successful border policy. Now he is facing crises entirely of his own making.

He is throwing fits and people don’t appreciate what he has done. He has “really twisted” the fact that he is now less popular than Trump in polls. He deserves every single bit of it. He’s at 34% approval according to the Civiqs poll and is now underwater in all but three states.