Joe and Jill Biden Hosting BBQ at the White House While Hamas Holds U.S. Citizens Hostage


While countless U.S. citizens were being held by Hamas, war was raging in the Middle East and bodies of terrorists killed are still being returned to families, Joe Biden decided that Sunday night would be the perfect time for a barbecue.

The pool reporter heard a band play in the White House Rose Garden during the late afternoon and early night and inquired what was happening. The pooler learned that POTUS hosted a barbecue at the White House Executive Residence for staff and their family members.

It’s a good thing that the President did something nice for his employees and their families. Especially since he brought dogs with biting issues to their workplace, and blamed the dogs for the cocaine found in the White House. It’s not the best day to have a BBQ, especially when the country is in the middle of a crisis. Many American families worry about whether their loved ones are safe from Hamas and other American families prepare to bury relatives who were killed by the barbarians.