Joe Biden Admits He Did Not Realize Seriousness Of Infant Formula Shortage Soon Enough


The recent acknowledgment by President Joe Biden that he didn’t know of the shortage in infant formula soon enough was a sign of his regret.

Biden stated that he didn’t anticipate the effects of shutting down one facility when questioned by reporters why he hadn’t acted sooner to end the shortages.

Biden spoke with a group baby formula producers in a live video conference on his imitative White House, which was located across the street from The White House. This was to show his commitment to solving this problem.

Biden claimed that he didn’t realize the problem until April, even though formula-producing executives had warned realtors about possible shortages.

One executive stated that they knew from the beginning that closing the Abbott formula plant in February would cause problems.

Biden claimed that he was serious about the crisis, but he didn’t even address the problem publicly until May 13, despite his claims.