Joe Biden Fails To Wear A Mask While Testing Positive For COVID


The White House physician confirmed Monday that President Joe Biden violated CDC guidelines by refusing to wear a face mask while testing positive for coronavirus.

After testing positive on Saturday, Joe Biden was able to appear on national television Monday night without wearing a mask. The White House reported that Biden tested positive again on Tuesday with “a return to a loose cough”.

Biden has had at least two vaccinations and has had his immunity boosted.
This is not the first time Biden has acted against the CDC guidelines. Biden posted a video and photo of himself, seemingly unaccompanied, on July 21 on social media. To capture these images, you must be within close proximity of the person holding the camera.

Biden, even without the coronavirus has always been a strict wearer of masks. Biden has been photographed repeatedly wearing a mask even though he is not infected. In fact, Biden has even worn a double mask. This protocol was not shown in July or August.