Joe Biden Goes Out For Ice Cream In January As Border Crisis & Russia Tensions Escalate


    President Joe Biden went to the White House Tuesday for ice cream. This comes as tensions rise with Russia and the border crisis gets worse.

    The president surprised everyone by making a surprise visit outside the White House to see a small business in Washington DC. He also stopped for an ice-cream cone, despite the fact that it was 34 degrees outside.

    During his trip, the president didn’t address the border crisis.

    December saw an increase in apprehensions at the southwest border of Mexico by more than 139 percent compared to the same month of 2021.

    According to Fox News, the Biden administration continues to release migrants arrested at the border into the United States. This includes dozens of single men who were taken to Miami, Houston, and Atlanta after being caught in Texas.

    Reporters were able to discuss the rising tensions between Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, and the possibility that Russia invades Ukraine.

    “You know what, I’ll be totally honest with you. He said that it was a bit like reading tea leaves.

    The president stated that he felt “obligated”, to send American troops to support American allies, and warned Putin against invading Ukraine.

    Biden stated “This would have been the largest, if we were to move in,” It will transform the world.