Joe Biden Hires Coronavirus Testing Coordinator Three Weeks After Shortages Catastrophe


    Wednesday’s announcement by the White House indicated that President Joe Biden has hired a new coordinator for coronavirus testing following severe shortages in the United States. Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, announced Wednesday via social media that “We have a new test coordinator Tom Inglesby.”

    Biden’s decision not to concentrate on testing comes eleven months after he was appointed to the coronavirus pandemic response team and almost three weeks after testing shortages made testing extremely difficult before Christmas. Biden’s inability to provide enough tests has been distracted by the hiring of a testing coordinator.

    Biden promised that testing would be simple and readily available on December 2 but failed to increase production for the holidays. He stated, “The bottom line is that you can test this winter for free at your home and have some peace of mind.”

    The coronavirus omicron was first discovered during Thanksgiving. It quickly spread across the country, infecting people who had already received three doses of vaccines.

    Biden, on December 21, promised that the federal government would buy 500 million rapid coronavirus test kits at home and give them away in the mail to anyone who requested them via a soon-to-be-released government website.

    The White House is still reluctant to reveal details and timing for the project three weeks later. Biden’s failure is reminiscent of his December 2020 speech, in which he pledged to do better with testing than the then-President Donald Trump.

    He stated that “we need to increase testing so everyone who needs one can receive one,” at the time. “We still have not enough testing after ten months of the pandemic. It’s a tragedy.