Joe Biden Poised for Another Foreign Policy Blunder in Gaza After Pier Disaster


On May 17, the Biden administration declared their floating Gaza Pier operational after spending $320,000,000 of American taxpayers’ money. It was hailed as a brilliant strategy to facilitate “humanitarian assistance” but was immediately attacked by Hamas fighters. Twelve days later it was closed down due to moderate seas.

Joe Biden’s entire career was represented in the ordeal. Over the past five decades, he has been able to establish himself as one of the worst foreign policy minds in history. He’s now got a plan for Gaza and you can guess how successful it is.

According to U.S. officials and Arab officials, I have spoken with, the Biden administration is forming a coalition around plans for a “Palestinian Council”, which will govern Gaza, and a security alliance in which U.S. forces will play a significant role.

According to four U.S. officials who are familiar with Middle East policies and one Arab official with knowledge of the matter, the Biden administration has built its current post-war plan around the idea that America will play a significant role in a multinational force made largely up of Arab forces. But President Joe Biden will not allow U.S. forces to enter Gaza.

The U.S. will be involved in this because it’s a disaster waiting to happen. But the first question is who are these “Arab” forces? Israel is expected to accept Turkish and Qatari forces into Gaza. Both nations have actively sheltered and assisted Hamas. Egypt would certainly play a part.

The Egyptians would have allowed Hamas dig hundreds of tunnels in their country so that they could smuggle weapons across the border. I cannot imagine Jordanians or Saudis wanting to be involved with this plan. If someone fired a weapon at a “Palestinian”, there would be riots on the streets in their countries.

Those concerns are nothing compared to the ones that surround American troops, which will certainly happen. Politico speculates that Biden would not let them directly enter Gaza, but they’d be in danger. What happens when a president is too cowardly to act?

This brings me to my last point: It’s all completely unnecessary. The Palestinians don’t need a “council” of ruling leaders made up of the Palestinian Authority, and other groups that celebrated the attacks on October 7. Gaza Strip’s right to self-government has been forfeited for now. After only eight months of fighting in Afghanistan, did the United States immediately restore the Taliban to their leadership positions? This plan for Gaza would also have been absurd.

What is needed in the West Bank is what happens already. Israeli forces must maintain a security presence. The Arab nations are going to cry as they always do and the radicals in America call it “occupation.” What’s the point? Before October 7, they called Gaza “occupied”, despite Israel’s absence from the area for nearly two decades.

It is only a good security plan that will ensure that Hamas and similar groups do not regain control that matters. It’s unlikely that someone who can’t build a pier correctly should be in charge.