Joe Biden Revises Story About When He Used To Drive A Truck


    President Joe Biden addressed a trucking event at The White House. He used the opportunity to revise a story about how he “used” to drive a truck. He said, “I used to drive truck,” in a speech about trucking outside of the White House. He had two Mack trucks behind him. It’s a long tale. Anyway.”

    Biden’s claim that he can drive a truck has changed over time.

    In July 2021, the president claimed that he had “used to drive an18-wheeler,” despite there being no evidence.

    He also stated in November that he used to drive a tractor-trailer.

    Even fact-checkers in established media have dismissed Biden’s claims as false.

    Biden shared additional details about his truck-driving claim on Monday. He explained that he had once obtained a commercial driver’s licence to help his father, who owned a car dealership.

    I can remember, but I will digress, that I received a commercial license from my father, who used to own an automobile agency. I had to drive up to Philadelphia to get a truck or trailer, and they would sell the cab. To be able drive the car up and back, I needed a license.

    Although it is not clear what Joe Biden meant, it seems unlikely that he had ever held a Class A commercial driver’s license to drive large semi-trucks and tractor-trailers.

    Biden claimed that he was a bus driver in law school, and this would have required a Class B licence.

    Biden, a former senator, also spoke Monday about riding with a truck driver in the truckers’ strike of 1970s.

    Biden said that Big 10 was his handle, recalling the story of the time the pair attempted to park at a rest stop on their way to Ohio.

    “The only woman truck driver that I knew was a woman, and I met her that day. She replied, “This is Big Mama.” He recalled the conversation they had over CB radio that time, and said, “No room.”

    Biden said that the truck driver tried telling her that he had a senator from the United States in his cab. She laughed and then added that she had the president in her car.

    Biden said, “I’ll never forget it.” “I was a very strong man. That was my first encounter with a woman trucker.

    Biden expressed sadness that he couldn’t drive the White House trucks behind him.