Joe Biden Searches Room for Deceased Congresswoman in Incredibly Awkward Moment


Joe Biden’s decades-long political career has seen him say and do many ridiculous things. It seems that he has always tried to outdo himself during his presidency.

A conference on hunger, nutrition, and health held Wednesday at The White House is the latest example.

During the event, Biden was giving a speech, and apparently, his notes (or the teleprompter) told him to make sure to honor former Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-Ind.), who was the co-chair of the House Hunger Caucus.

Biden then asked Jackie, “Jackie? Are you here?” Biden asked, “Where’s Jackie?” He looked around for Jackie, but she was not there. Unfortunately, the Congresswoman and two of her Congressional aides died in an accident in Indiana in August.

Meredith Lee Hill, a Politico reporter, was there covering the event. She wrote about the events after reporting that Walorski’s tribute video would be played by the White House. Hill gave Biden the benefit-of-the doubt, suggesting that he may have said what he did without realizing that she had died in August.

A statement made by the White House after Walorski’s death indicated that Biden (and First lady Jill Biden), was aware of her passing.

Hill later noted that Susan Rice, a Biden White House advisor, was responsible for cleaning up her comments:

“Susan Rice thanked lawmakers a few minutes later during a panel and said that the group ‘of course’ misses the late Rep. Jackie Walorski, who died in August. ‘”

Biden made these insensitive comments about politicians not once but twice.

One famous clip was taken in 2008 by then-Senator Biden. He was at that time Barack Obama’s vice presidential running mate. He urged a Missouri Democrat member to “stand up” and apparently forgot or didn’t realize that he was in a wheelchair.

“I believe Chuck Graham, the state senator, is present. Chuck, stand up and let them see you. God loves you, Oh! What are you talking about? You’re making everyone else stand up, I’ll tell ya, pal.


This is Biden’s interview with “60 Minutes” ten days earlier:

We’ve “watched,” Joe. I believe we have the answer.