Joe Biden’s Hypocrisy on Mass Killings Is Morally Depraved


On Saturday, tragedy struck after an 18-year-old white supremacist, self-described “moderate Left authoritarian”, entered a Buffalo, NY store and set fire to it. Ten people have been killed and others are still injured.

Joe Biden, for his part, is heading to the scene and announced a trip almost immediately after the massacre. This decision was made without hesitation.

A president visiting the scene of mass murder is acceptable in a vacuum. It’s a bit selective, given the much higher death rate from violent means in the United States. But with Buffalo’s spotlight, it’s not out of place to visit there.

What I find most striking about this is the disgusting hypocrisy displayed. It is obvious that the White House lied to Congress about President Obama’s inability visit Waukesha following the death of six black nationalists and the subsequent injuries to 62 others.

Let me clarify. Biden could not travel to Waukesha as it would require too many assets. But he can plan a trip to Buffalo in a matter of hours. Anyone who has a brain can understand what’s happening here. The Waukesha murder did not fit the narrative. But the Buffalo killing did. This is true on both racial and tool grounds, as a car was used in one and a gun used in the other.

It’s amazing, just think about it. It is obvious that the President of the United States chooses which mass murders to respond to depending on his political views. He somehow surpasses me just when I thought he could not sink further.

He’s following the example of the news industry, which does the exact same thing. Although the Waukesha murders prompted a variety of stories about the car and the suspect, the news media has not had any problem pushing the message of “right-wing terrorist” in relation to the Buffalo killing. This despite the fact the killer held extremely diverse beliefs, which were not compatible with modern political models. He was also a communist and an environmentalist.

However, I expect the media corps to do all they can to counter this latest attack on their political opponents. We shouldn’t expect the president to do the exact same. Is there any more line? It is not impossible to visit Waukesha, but Buffalo is possible due to logistical issues. It is morally corrupt that the White House would lie so openly about a possible Waukesha visit in an effort to hide inconvenient facts. How cold can a person operate in such a way?