Jonathan Turley Throws Cold Water on Migrant Lawsuit Against DeSantis


On Tuesday, the Usual Suspects and mainstream media reported with enthusiasm that migrants were flown by the Florida Governor to Martha’s Vineyard. They claim DeSantis orchestrated an “illegal and fraudulent” scheme to transport migrants.

It was discovered that only three of the 48 plaintiffs were pseudonymous (out of the 48 who had been flown from Massachusetts). There was also an immigrant civil rights group. They claimed that they were representing other migrants.

Lawyers for Civil Rights filed this suit with Alianza Americas (a non-profit that assists migrants), in collaboration. NPR was notified via email that the suit was filed for “Vineyard migrants”, and other similarly situated persons.

Migrants claim that they were not told where they would be going, but promised better lives and jobs.

Oscar Chacon, Alianza Americas Executive director, stated that DeSantis used immigrants to promote a hate-filled agenda. “That is why I took the necessary steps to challenge what we consider not only morally repulsive, but also illegal. ”

It seems that the lawsuit was started by three unnamed migrants who wanted to punish DeSantis, rather than Boston-based activists. However, this is speculation.

Jonathan Turley, a George Washington University professor of law, examined the details of the suit. He concluded that the claims were not convincing and pointed out “considerable legal hurdles” in the case, based on the evidence.

Lawyers claim that lawyers defrauded or misled the migrants as they tried to reach Martha’s Vineyard.

These claims can be very doubtful. You will need to show that the waiver was obtained through fraud or trickery. The consent form is available in English and Spanish.

“I agree to indemnify the benefactor, its designated representatives, from any liability arising out of or in any way related to injuries or damages that may be caused by the agreed transportation from locations outside Texas to the final destination at Massachusetts. ”

The lawyers use a brochure to support their fraud claim. It states that Massachusetts Refugee benefits is available and gives instructions on how you can change your address with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

The brochure was based on information on the state’s website about migrants and refugees.

Turley also highlighted the claim that has been the most talked about in recent media reports. The claim is that migrants were told they were heading from Boston to Washington, D.C., but the waiver form stated “Massachusetts”, while maps included Martha’s Vineyard as their destination.

It will be interesting to see how the case plays out in court. However, DeSantis has a solid record of dealing with the legal challenges his political opponents face. This case could also be his victory.

DeSantis and Abbott, among others, have railed against the Biden administration’s open border policies. This is particularly frustrating for Democrats who are just two months away the crucial midterm election. This issue could prove to be a tipping point in key races, and ultimately lead to Democrats losing the election.

Keep checking back, as always.