Jordan Peterson Under New Attack by the Left but It’s Getting Overwhelmed by Those Coming to His Defense


Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist who has been a hero to many. The fact that Olivia Wilde’s new movie, “Don’t Worry Darling”, was based on a Peterson character was trending again on Twitter.

Piers Morgan Uncensored interviewed Peterson about this. Peterson explained that he was not upset by the title “hero of the incels” and responded to the situation with humor, but not over the many broken men who came to his aid.

Peterson, who was fighting back tears, stated that it was “really an eye-opener” to see how many people are killed for not having encouragement words. ”

Peterson quickly received support from many prominent people.

“So just to clarify, Jordan Peterson(tm), since he tries to help young men need guidance; Olivia Wilde(tm) because she hates Jordan Peterson and also creates an uncomfortable atmosphere for her female star; Feminist Hero ™, because it is difficult for women to find their way in this world,” tweeted Ben Shapiro from the Daily Wire.

Shapiro refers specifically to Florence Pugh’s problems with the film. It was filled with tension that led to her refusing to attend parts of the media tour. She did very little promotion.

Megyn Kelley, who also supported Wilde’s criticism of Peterson who was a man whose only job it is to help the poor, was harshly critical of Wilde.

Kelly said that suicides in America are 80% attributed to men in 2019.

She stated that suicide is a common choice for people who have never been diagnosed with mental illness. They are often treated like Olivia Wilde.

She replied, “Screw you.” “As someone who was there at #MeToo’s inception…and by Olivia Wilde’s side. You weren’t one of them. ”

Pop culture writers have attacked Peterson in past attacks, such as Wilde’s. Peterson thought that it was funny.

Peterson isn’t doing anything that is worthy of being attacked. The Left is using this to attack men, making them social villains and responsible for all the wrongs that occur.

Leftists denigrate men who want to make men more mentally healthy and create healthier environments.

Men require emotional support. People who are motivated to help others shouldn’t be attacked.