Joy Reid Defends Controversial School Book; Guest Obliterates Argument on Live TV


The progressive movement’s gung-ho approach to sexualizing young children, and their desire for them to be groomed to accept sexual deviancy as normal behavior in various forms is one of the most alarming developments. Many stories have been told about how schools help minors defy their parents by helping them to socially transition into a different gender, without telling them.

In other cases, schools have provided hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgeries to children who claimed to be transgender. These kids are often too young to vote buy cigarettes, drink beer, or join the military. These children may regret their life-changing surgeries later on when they realize that they were the victims of a socially contagious disease and not suffering from genuine gender dysphoria.

MSNBC host Joy Reid, for example, is a proponent of exposing children to inappropriate, perverse materials in classrooms and school libraries. On a recent episode — who watches this stuff? Reid tried to defend the books but was slapped back to reality when a guest appeared on her show.

Last Friday, Moms for Liberty’s co-founder Tiffany Justice was interviewed by Reid. She was asked why she wanted to remove books like “All Boys Aren’t Blue”, from the public school library.

Justice stated that the materials should be removed from school libraries due to their containing rape, pedophilia, sex dolls, and incest. Why are any of these topics included in a book aimed at minors? Why would children want to know about sex dolls? This is grooming behavior.

Reid began the interview by playing a Justice clip explaining that parental duties include “directing their children’s upbringing,” including “their morals, values, religious and character development.”

Reid asked her friend if she agreed with this definition.

Justice responded, “Yes, you have a God-given right to guide the upbringing of your children.” You can see Reid’s excitement at this point. She believes she has a “got you” moment.

Justice asked, “Do parents who identify as LGBTQ and those of children with LGBT identities have parental rights?”

Justice: “Every parent” Every parent has a fundamental right to guide the upbringing of children.

Reid had not expected this answer. This ruined her entire strategy and she moved onto a completely different topic. Reid brought up the Washington Post report from May last year which revealed that over 1,000 book challenges were filed for the 2021-22 academic year. The majority of these challenges were filed by 11 individuals, each of whom had submitted 10 or more challenges.

The Tampa Bay Times published a report in which it found that out of 1,100 complaints, only two people, including a father and a teacher of high school, had filed 600.

Reid asked in the segment, “Why should thirteen people decide which books tens and thousands of children will read?”

Justice responded, “Well I think it’s because these 13 people saw some of the contents in the books,” Justice said. “Explicit, graphic sexual material — and I am happy to discuss some of this content if you wish to.”

Reid decided to push on, a choice she would regret later.

“Well, here’s the question: Which books are being banned? I want to show you …”

The co-founder of Moms for Liberty interjected, “No books are banned.” I want to make it clear that no books are being banned. Write the book. Publish the book. Put it in the public library. “We’re talking about public school libraries.”

A public school should serve the entire community. They shouldn’t cater to a particular group of people who want to normalize the sexualization of children. This isn’t rocket science nor should it be an ethical conundrum. It is not appropriate for children to be exposed, so it doesn’t belong in the school library. This is the end.

She added, “Children do not have unlimited access to the Internet at school.” “I requested records and wanted to know what kinds of websites are banned in school. When we talk about banning and the content of the books moms are worried about, these are the same topics that kids can’t access on the Internet. It just seems hypocritical. Why doesn’t anyone protest for the ‘Free internet in schools !’?”?

Reid, rather than answering the question, shifted to talk about how conservatives want to ban not only these sexually explicit classics but also beloved classics. She cited titles such as “The Diary of Anne Frank”, “Slaughterhouse 5” by Kurt Vonnegut, and Judy Blume books, along with Civil Rights Movement-related works.

Reid’s attempt to switch the topic and take a new angle made it seem like conservatives were fascists attempting to censor progressives.

Justice clarified during the interview that the requests were made by the local chapters of her organization, and not the national organization.

Reid asked, “What is your expertise, and that of other Moms for Liberty activists, to determine that a book such as ‘All Boys Aren’t Blue’, a book that has won awards, is not appropriate for children to read?”

Justice responded by saying, “What a tragic tale of a young boy who was anally raped in his home by adult family members.” “You’ve got incest and rape. You have pedophilia. In what context can a strap-on Dildo be acceptable in a public school?” This is my question. “Tell me the context surrounding the strap-on Dildo, or the rape by a school teacher of a minor.”

Reid asked Justice for one final time the name of her main character from the book “All Boys Aren’t Blue”. Justice’s correct answer once again deflated the MSNBC host. She wanted to make it seem as if Justice had not read the book.

She then attempts to poke fun at Justice by saying that she is “still not an authority in the book.”

Justice was still the winner.

Justice Zinge said, “I do not have to be an academic to know that dildos should not be used in public schools.”

Reid’s career was a total and utter disaster. The progressive movement will never win if it tries to defend minors’ exposure to sexually explicit content. These people are morally bankrupt.

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