Judge Merchan Scolds Trump Defense: ‘Should Have Objected More’ to Stormy Daniels’ Testimony


Stormy Daniels, a porn star, was allowed to talk for hours about her alleged affair, even if it included salacious details, that had little to do with whether or not the former president falsified records of business, as Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is alleged to be investigating.

The situation became so absurd that the jurors were reportedly unable to keep their faces straight and even smirking.

Merchan, who refused to declare a mistrial on Tuesday, as requested by Trump’s team, admitted that there was too much irrelevant evidence and that Daniels was “difficult” to control.

He admitted, “There are certain things that would have been better kept unsaid.” She was also reportedly caught again in the act of telling lies:

Stormy Daniels wrote in her book, “Full Disclosure”, that she had denied having an affair with Trump to Gloria Allred while speaking to Allred. Daniels however testified that Allred was told otherwise.

Daniels when presented with the book for the first time, was stunned. She said, “I denied everything in a telephone conversation, but I told her all in person.”

This case is a joke. Why don’t they broadcast it so we can all laugh about Alvin Bragg, his witnesses, and the case?

Merchan, in a later statement, shirked her responsibility for the clown show and blamed at least part of it on defense attorneys.

Judge Juan Merchan says that he is also surprised that Trump’s side did not raise more objections during Stormy Daniels’s testimony.

He says, “The defense must take responsibility for this.”

Merchan says that the defense must take responsibility when they say “the bell has rung,” referring to Todd Blanche, an attorney for Trump, who asked, “How do you unring this bell?”

The lesson is to blame lawyers when you lose control in court.

Nevertheless, some prominent legal minds think that today’s events could be grounds for an appeal if Trump is convicted. Jonathan Turley, a professor at George Washington Law School, criticized Merchan.

He let the prosecutors get into the details even though the evidence was irrelevant to any criminal theory.

Daniels has not contested the NDA or the payment.

Trump also wanted to pay for the story to be published (and other stories including false allegations).

Merchan did not mind humiliating Trump because the testimony was sensational.

Daniels’s testimony was a dumpster fire in the courtroom.

Attorney David Limbaugh has agreed.

David Friedman, a former ambassador to Israel under the Trump administration and lawyer, slammed Merchan’s handling of the case.

The judge’s decision today to allow the Trump trial to proceed in NYC is going down in history as a dark stain, reminiscent of dictatorships. Shame on the prosecution for undermining the judicial system.

The lurid drama is now a joke. The hope that New York jury members will see right through this charade is a bit much, but Americans should take note and act accordingly when they vote in November.