Judge Slams 2024 Frontrunner Trump With Gag Order


The same judge putting nonviolent J6 defendants in gulags while hissing her displeasure that Donald Trump “remains free to this day,” decided Monday that she can shut him up while on the 2024 campaign trail. Gag orders are sometimes placed on cases, but this has never happened to a presidential candidate in the annals of the criminal justice.

Trump responded on his Truth Social page by posting economic tables that compared his presidency with Joe Biden’s policy.

The hearing before Judge Tanya S. Chutkan in the D.C. U.S. District Courtroom was sometimes contentious, and other times surreal or Kafkaesque. Chutkan ruled Trump was not allowed to post or repost any “attacks on Special Counsel, staff members, court personnel or staff” or make prohibited statements about expert witnesses or witnesses.

The hearing was part of Special Counsel Jack Smith’s two cases against Trump, who called the 2020 election “stolen”, and accused him of somehow initiating the January 6, 2019 incursion into Capitol Building despite the evidence to the contrary. Judge Chutkan – an Obama appointee with a pronounced antipathy towards Donald Trump – will now decide whether the former president, who is also a presidential candidate, can freely speak about the conspiracy against him that includes the Intelligence Community, Department of Justice, and Biden Campaign to eliminate him from the White House race.

Liz Harrington, Trump’s lawyer, wondered: “Let’s wait and see what happens in Judge Chutkan’s courtroom on Monday.” Will America survive or not?

Ruling? Not.

Trump’s spokeswoman re-emphasized a Truth Social posting in which Trump described Special Counsel Jack Smith’s conduct as “crooked” and “deranged”. Trump also called on the judge to recuse herself because of her obvious bias against the former President.

The Chutkan used specific Trump quotes to question whether Trump could post “Bill Barr is an evil lawyer.”

Lauro added a bit of legal humor to the discussion, saying that he “‘is not going to say the truth as a defense but adds that he is a public figure and will not be intimidated.”

Lauro requested that the judge delay the trial until the elections were over. The Guardian’s Hugo Lowell summarized the situation: “Trump attorney John Lauro told Judge Chutkan public officials such as AG Barr could be criticized but that a trial should take place after the election in order to avoid any problems. ‘”

Judge Chutkan asked, “Lauro, why Trump must call the prosecutor a “thug” to prove that this is politically motivated?” Lauro asks what is one to do when oppression is present. Chutkan says, “Let’s tone it down.” Lauro snarled: “If your honor wants to censor the speech …”

She wants to stop Trump and his lawyers from speaking because, like other Democrats, she believes he is the human equivalent of an atom bomb to their progressive policies.

Chutkan asked Trump’s lawyer Lauro whether she thought that it was appropriate for the presidential candidate to call D.C. “filthy” and “crime-ridden.” He then defended Trump, saying that this was a statement made against his opponent Joe Biden.

She has criticized Lauro for her “political remarks” in court, but this is a political case brought by the government to remove Trump from the 2020 presidential race, either overtly or through public opinion.

Chutkan once told Lauro his client didn’t have unlimited First Amendment Rights after he repeatedly referred to Smith’s attempts to silence Trump as “censorship”. The judge responded, “There’s no doubt that a court has the right to restrict a defendant’s behavior or speech while awaiting trial. You [Lauro] continue to talk about censorship as if the defendant had unfettered First Amendment Rights.” She lectured.

Trump wants jurors to fill out a questionnaire to determine their biases. This shouldn’t be difficult, since 97% of D.C. voters voted for Biden.

Smith, the Special Counsel, had previously fought against the possibility of a questionnaire. He argued that D.C. was so small that it would be possible to find potential jurors without revealing their names. Trump obviously wants to use the questionnaire as a way to demonstrate, at a future date, how biased the jury pool in Washington is. According to Lowell’s report, the special prosecutor said, “Special counsel prosecutor Molly Gaston told Judge Chutkan that Trump isn’t campaigning. He’s using his election campaign to intimidate and pollute witnesses.”

This is when the surreal part comes into play. He didn’t need to. The Special Counsel brought this case in D.C. because it was the jurisdiction where the Capitol Building breach occurred, but he chose to. He hopes the anti-Trump juror pool will do whatever he wants. He doesn’t want Trump questioning the jury to see how biased they are. They claim that Trump’s presence would dilute the jury pool, which is already heavily against Trump.

Trump was not involved in the breach, but he was spreading the word that the 2020 elections were stolen. Smith accused Trump of defrauding America because he spoke out, with obstruction of an official proceeding even though he was not there, and with conspiracy against voters because his opinions might not match those who did vote for him.

Trump said on Sunday, “This has never happened before in our Country.” That’s correct. Democrats will use every weapon in their arsenal to make the 2024 election campaign as successful as the 2020 campaign.

The judge decided on Monday that she would stop Donald Trump from telling Americans what he believed to be the truth in his case.