Jury Finds David DePape Guilty in Federal Paul Pelosi Assault Trial


David DePape was found guilty Thursday of kidnapping and assault after he admitted this week that he had hit Paul Pelosi with a hammer last year when attempting to break into the San Francisco home of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

DePape was convicted by a jury of attempted kidnapping and assault against a member of the family of a Federal official, with the intent to retaliate for their performance in office.

Aaron Bennett, the spokesperson for the Pelosi Family, said after the jury’s verdict that they are “very grateful” for the prayers and warm wishes from people across the nation for Mr. Pelosi during this difficult period.

The family released a statement that read: “The Pelosi Family is very proud of their Pop who displayed extraordinary composure, courage, and dignity on the night of attack last year and in the courtroom this week.” “Thankfully, Mr. Pelosi is making progress in his recovery.”

Bennett said that the former Speaker and her family will not be commenting further “given the current state court proceedings.”

DePape faces many charges on the state level for the attack of Oct. 28, 2022, including assault with a deadly weapon, burglary in a residential property, and elder abuse. The trial date will reportedly be set for these charges by the end of this month.

Paul Pelosi, who testified against DePape in the federal trial which concluded this week, said that it was “a tremendous shock” to discover that someone had broken into his house. I also recognized that I was seriously at risk and tried to remain calm.

Pelosi said that he had been sleeping when the “door opened and a large man with a zip tie in one hand, and a hammer” in the other hand entered. He asked, “Where is Nancy?” and that was what woke me.

DePape confessed in court on Tuesday that he had struck Paul Pelosi with a full-force hammer in the head.

DePape, a tearful witness, admitted that he didn’t intend to harm Paul Pelosi, but he did strike him on the head when he grabbed his hammer while responding police officers were present.

DePape said that he regretted it and would have apologized to Paul Pelosi had he been in the courtroom on that day.

Pelosi’s fractured skull was the result of the hammer assault. Nancy Pelosi wasn’t in San Francisco when the attack occurred.