Kamala Harris and Al Sharpton Use a Man’s Funeral to Push Racism and Politics


A little over 20 years ago, a Democrat named Paul Wellstone died in a plane crash. Thousands attended a memorial service four days later. Instead of talking about the dead (there were others on that plane), a little-known political hack named Rick Kahn, the treasurer for Wellstone’s campaign got up and made a political speech. With grieving families, Democrats, Republicans, and an Independent Governor in attendance, Kahn told the thousands in attendance and a TV audience to vote for the dead Paul Wellstone for Senator. He said:

“He needs your support now. I am asking for your assistance to make the state’s people hear him and preserve his legacy. Paul Wellstone, help us win this election,” he said.

It was politics at its worst. Jesse Ventura was then Governor. He got up and walked off.

Eighteen years later, a career criminal named George Floyd died and the country exploded; in fact, it burned for months. Kamala Harris infamously funded rioters who were arrested during the Floyd riots aka “mostly peaceful” protests. She also co-sponsored the “George Floyd Justice in Policing” Act. Senator Tim Scott proposed amendments to that bill, but Chuck Schumer wouldn’t allow them. The bill failed. Democrats would use that defeat as a cudgel. A political weapon to claim that people would die because a bill didn’t pass in the Senate.

Tyre Nichols was a Black male who was placed in a coma and later died. The narrative that Black men are murdered by racist cops quickly collapsed when it became apparent that five Black men were being beaten to death by Black men.

Al Sharpton, a race-smuggling crook, explained at Nichols’ funeral his endless and torturous explanation that all violence by police officers was due to racism. Al Sharpton isn’t known for his logic or thoughtful discourse.

How do you keep crime down while having a police department on both sides?

While I can’t speak for everybody in Memphis and I don’t know whether everyone is there, I believe that you wouldn’t beat him like this if he were White.

Harris stepped up to the pulpit and, in her insipid nasally tone, brought more politics to a funeral. She talked about the “George Floyd Justice in Policing Act,” and reminded everyone that she was a co-sponsor. Then she said:

“We will not be denied. It is not negotiable.”

In late January, Sharpton used more racist race-baiting. He stated at a rally “cops are looking to violence” and then added:

Did you think because you were Black, we wouldn’t say anything? Did you think you would hide behind your Blackness? I want to say it loud and clear that we will fight Black cops, White cops, and any color cops that commit crimes against us.

It is shameful that Harris and Sharpton used a funeral to promote racism and basement politics by race-baiting hackers like Sharpton and Sharpton. Alvin Crump was a lawyer who showed up whenever a Black person is dead.

You don’t see videos about our white brothers and sisters who are unarmed having this type of excessive force levied against them….

That’s patently false, but when a white guy is killed by cops the country doesn’t burn down because the dead man isn’t the right color. He doesn’t fit the narrative. Alvin Crump does show up at his funeral.

This is a reminder that the guy convicted of murder for the death of George Floyd was never charged with a race-related crime. But that never stopped Joe Biden from lying about it. On the one-year anniversary of Floyd’s death, Biden called it “a murder in the full light of day,” going on to insist “it ripped the blinders off” about “systemic racism.”

Using dead bodies to push politics and race is disgusting but democrats have turned it into an art form. They should be ashamed.