Kamala Harris Butchers Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream


We honor Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to pay tribute to a man who died and fought in the United States for equality and justice.

Unfortunately, the radical left abandoned this legacy and embraced something completely contrary to the ideals King tried to achieve. They just can’t stop themselves.

Kamala Harris’ gross misrepresentation of King’s vision for our nation on social media disgusted me.

Did you notice what she did? The word “equity” stood out like a sore finger to me.

Kamala Harris asked, “What is equity?”

In a video campaign posted on Twitter in 2020, Harris stated: “There’s a huge difference between equity and equality.” “Equality implies that everyone should receive the same amount. “The problem is that not everyone starts at the same level.”

Harris added, “So, if you and I both started back here, we can get the same money, but we will still be far behind each other.”

It’s about providing the support and resources that people need to be on an equal footing and then competing on the same footing. We all have to end up in the same place if we want equitable treatment.

Equality means that everyone gets the same treatment. Equity is equal outcomes and everyone is treated differently. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous August 28, 1963 declaration, “I dream that one day my four little kids will live in a country where they won’t be judged by their color but their character,” is not this dream.

For years, the radical left has tried to take over Dr. King’s legacy, reinterpreting it shamelessly to allow everyone to have equal opportunities, regardless of race. They also want to give individuals the opportunity to succeed based on their abilities, efforts, and contributions. They then twist it into their agenda and weaponize it against their political opponents.

Leftist hijackers use King’s legacy as a tool to promote affirmative actions, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policies, climate regulations, and segregation. The radical left, in the name of equality, has supported violent race riots, and policies that are softer on crime, like bail reform. This is effectively embracing the new Jim Crow Era.

But King advocated equality, not equity. He made this clear in his “I Have a Dream”. It is disgraceful that Democrats promote Martin Luther King Jr.’s nightmare by citing his dream. The radical left today sees only race and actively tries to divide us along racial boundaries.